Declutter Your Workspace: 3 Spring Cleaning Tips


As a working mom that WFH (works from home) a couple days a week, I’m always trying to keep my workspace clutter-free. Yes, easier said than done. It is just so easy to throw mail, magazines, progress reports, business cards, coupons, the works on top of my desk at home and before I know it my desk is cluttered. Guilty. Then, because of the clutter on my workspace, I end up at the dining table. But, working from the dining table is too distracting for me. That forces me to declutter my workspace.

Image: A mom working from home while her toddler plays beside her

A workspace should be functional and should motivate you. If the workspace is not doing this for you and you find it hard to focus on working from there, you need to declutter.

Although the first day of Spring was on March 19, April feels more like the start of the season. What better time to declutter and do some spring cleaning? Below are 3 tips to get you started on decluttering your workspace. 


This may take a while or might be as fast as just tossing it all out. But for sanity purposes, sort them out into two piles: keep and toss out. After separating the two piles, review the “keep” pile and categorize them accordingly. This part should reduce the pile even more. Tip within a tip: if there’s a correspondence that is past 30 days, chances are that you no longer need it. Do yourself a favor and toss it. 

Invest in a desk organizer/caddy for your papers to keep the organization thriving.


Do you use a pen and then throw it back right on top of the desk or stick it in a kitchen drawer (might want to declutter that kitchen drawer also)? Gather all pencils, pens, and highlighters. Check them to see if they’re still good to use and that they have not dried out. Start placing them in a pencil holder. Find yourself a desk organizer/caddy that also has a space for the pencils, pens, and highlighters. This will be a space saver for your workspace area.


I started using the “one item in, one item out” rule with almost every space in my house. I especially used this rule when my son was a toddler. Every time he was gifted a new toy we would take the new toy but then an old toy had to be donated. Apply this rule for your desk and workspace area. For example, if you received a medical bill and need to keep it for a specific reason, look for another document to shred or toss out. This concept will help you keep your workspace free of clutter. 

Image: A neatly organized home workspaceThere are benefits from spring cleaning and decluttering. Some of the benefits are that you will feel a boost of productivity, you will get a sense of achievement, it promotes a healthy mental space, and promotes positivity. Your energy levels rise. Give it a try. Tag @miamimomcollective on IG to show us the before and after. Happy Spring! 

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