Ana-Sofia DuLaney

Ana-Sofia is a Miami native that chose to never leave her hometown. She attended FIU and is an attorney that graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. Ana-Sofia finally became more than friends with her childhood neighbor after over 10 years, and now they are happily married! She was a proud dog mom before she became a human mom, and after the birth of their now four-year-old son, Ana-Sofia has been lucky enough to work from home. In August 2021, their family grew by one more and they welcomed a new baby boy to the bunch! She loves traveling with her family but also loves staying home curled up on the couch. An avid Dave Matthews fan, Ana-Sofia is also a self proclaimed extroverted introvert, grammar freak, Harry Potter obsessed, Heat and UM cheering, and gardening loving mama that hopes she’s doing right by her sons while trying to reduce her ecological footprint. Follow her on Instagram as she tries to live each day fully @TheAnaMachine or her gardening journey on @GardeningInJeans
Image: Ana-Sofia holding a few species of pothos plants

Houseplant Appreciation Day: Easy Options and Helpful Tips

Houseplant Appreciation Day is January 10... In honor of Houseplant Appreciation Day, this plant lady wants to share some more plant tips with you including the easiest houseplants to own!   If you’ve read my previous posts,...
Image: 2024 in gold balloons

No more “New Year, New Me.” Here’s Why.

"NEW YEAR, NEW ME!" Hey, can I tell you a secret? The new year really doesn’t mean anything… it’s just a date on a calendar. Now before you roll your eyes and think I’m just being...
Stockings hung by the chimney with care

Stocking Stuffers: 11 Ideas for the Whole Family!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there! Stocking stuffers were named in the 'Twas Night Before Christmas poem! I’m not sure about you but I...
Image: A stack of children's books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month: A Book List for Celebrating Culture!

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15!  Let's use this time to celebrate the history and beauty of Hispanic culture all over the world. Hispanic Heritage Week was first observed...
Ana-Sofia's husband and son looking at menus at Miller's Ale House

Kids Eat Free (or Cheap) Miami Restaurant Guide

Don’t you sometimes wish your kids could eat free? That you could go out and not spend double on dinner because you’re going as a family?  I hope this list of kids eat free (or...
Image: A camera, sunglasses, compass, and journal spread across a map

2023 Summer Bucket List {With Printable!}

As we head into summer vacation, what’s on your summer bucket list? The days get long so let’s take advantage of the time spent with our families! But what do you do when you...
A woman sleeping

Sleep Hygiene: 5 Ways to Improve It During Better Sleep Month

May is Better Sleep Month so here are 5 ways to improve your sleep hygiene. I think we all know that the recommended amount of sleep is about 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep...
Image: A nicely landscaped front walkway

DIY Landscaping: 5 Tips for Some Curb Appeal

Want to give your home a little curb appeal or maybe spruce it up a bit? Well, it’s easy to do so with some simple DIY landscaping tips that don’t require a professional! Get...
Image: A hurricane off the coast of the US

Early Pre-Season Hurricane Threatens Florida’s East Coast

With the ongoing climate crisis, hurricanes are forming earlier and larger. An unprecedented April hurricane is threatening Florida’s East Coast with Miami directly in the cone of uncertainty. Learn how to prep! April Fools! We’re lucky...
Pumpkin bisque soup

Pumpkin Bisque: The Best Fall Soup Recipe You’ll Ever Get

So, do you want to read one of the best fall recipes you'll ever taste? If you're a fan of pumpkin, this is for you! Don't worry, I won't tell a long tale about...