No more “New Year, New Me.” Here’s Why.



Hey, can I tell you a secret? The new year really doesn’t mean anything… it’s just a date on a calendar.

Now before you roll your eyes and think I’m just being a negative Nancy, just think about it. What really changes? The calendar starts over and people make all these grandiose “resolutions” that likely will be forgotten about in a week.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that because the calendar starts anew, so should we! “New year, new me.” But why?

Image: 2024 in gold balloons

Don’t. Give. In.

You do not need to give in to the form of toxic positivity that are New Year’s resolutions and all that comes with it. Are you happy with yourself? Do you feel comfortable with yourself? Then you don’t need to change anything. Do you feel like you need to compare yourself to other moms, other professionals, or other people in general? Stop it. You are you, you are your own person. You do not need a “new year” to be a “new me.”

Toxic positivity and body image.

Now is also the time when you’re being confronted with people trying to take advantage of you and take advantage of the new year to sell you something. Take a step back and ask yourself if they’re looking out for you or just looking out for themselves to make some more money? So much of this hinges on body image. Eat “clean,” be “healthier,” be “fit.” And these are all tactics to sell you a product or service. The pressure is unbearable and is spun in such a way that you feel worse about yourself if you’re not constantly making physical improvements.

Image: A Happy New Year sign with silver and gold baloons

Making real changes.

If you feel like you need to make a change in your heart, for your spirit, for your mental health, PLEASE DO IT! Then make small, intentional changes in a way that makes you comfortable. Do it quietly, do it loudly, do it whichever way you’d like but do it for yourself. Because you feel like you’d be a better person because of it. But not because you feel outside pressure from family or “friends” or acquaintances or strangers on the internet. It is toxic to you and those around you. Steer clear of social media lies and stay true to yourself and your heart.

You’ve made it this far, you’ll continue to make it on your own time, in your own way. So, you do not need to be a new you in 2023, you need to be you, the way that makes you happy and healthy.

Celebrate all the growth you’ve made up until this point. You don’t need pressure to be made anew.

Updated December 2023

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Ana-Sofia DuLaney
Ana-Sofia is a Miami native that chose to never leave her hometown. She attended FIU and is an attorney that graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. Ana-Sofia finally became more than friends with her childhood neighbor after over 10 years, and now they are happily married! She was a proud dog mom before she became a human mom, and after the birth of their now four-year-old son, Ana-Sofia has been lucky enough to work from home. In August 2021, their family grew by one more and they welcomed a new baby boy to the bunch! She loves traveling with her family but also loves staying home curled up on the couch. An avid Dave Matthews fan, Ana-Sofia is also a self proclaimed extroverted introvert, grammar freak, Harry Potter obsessed, Heat and UM cheering, and gardening loving mama that hopes she’s doing right by her sons while trying to reduce her ecological footprint. Follow her on Instagram as she tries to live each day fully @TheAnaMachine or her gardening journey on @GardeningInJeans


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