New Year: Creating Family Traditions


The new year can be filled with so many emotions. There is a feeling of excitement for what is to come. There may be feelings of grief for chapters that have closed. The anticipation of what a new year may bring rolls around every year as the countdown gets closer. 


I have a big Cuban family and we are all about traditions. Every year on the 31st, we would all get together at my grandma’s house, put on our pajamas, and eat yummy food. We would all force each other to stay awake, eat 12 grapes for good luck at midnight, and cheers with cider. Then, we would run outside and see if we could see fireworks. Those are some of my favorite memories. 

Changing Traditions

Image: Family on a New Year vacation
Family enjoying a New Year vacation

The thing about traditions is that they are tied to people. When my grandpa passed away in 2021, it was hard to imagine continuing our traditions without him. We decided to start something new. That year, we decided to get away. We got together (all 16 of us) and rented a big house in St. Augustine. We had no idea how all 16 of us would do in 1 house for 3 days. Guess what? It was amazing. We cried that year because we were missing our papa and our tradition BUT we also cried because we knew we were starting something beautiful. 

Continuing Traditions for Our Kids

My kids may never remember those first New Year’s at my grandma’s house but I know they will remember the new tradition we started. In 2021 we went to St. Augustine, in 2022 we went to Orlando, and this year we will go to Melbourne. The point is, the place doesn’t even matter. It is the people. Being surrounded by the most important people in our lives as we enter the next year is something I can’t ever thank God enough for. It is a tradition that I can only hope my kids continue in the future. Will we need to adapt? Of course. Does life change? Every day. As parents, one of our many dreams is to leave something behind, and, what better than a tradition that can live on?

As we get closer to 2024, take a moment and think about how you want to end the year. Maybe it is curled up alone with a good book and a glass of wine. Maybe it is dancing the night away or maybe it is in a random place with your giant Cuban family. Whatever it may be, CHEERS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Looking for ideas to get started? Check out these 5 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids. Happy New Year to you and your family from Miami Mom Collective!


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