Easter Amazon Haul: 12 Curated Finds for Festive Fun


Looking to make this Easter break egg-stra special? Or perhaps you’re just in need of keeping the kiddos actively engaged—lol, I’ve got your back! Dive into my curated Easter Amazon haul, filled with tried and approved activities and crafts guaranteed to entertain the little ones throughout spring break! From adorable bunny masks to glow-in-the-dark egg hunts, let’s hop right in!

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt Essentials

Image: Children playing with light-up bracelets and slap bracelets

Elevate your Easter egg hunt experience to the next level! Transform this year’s hunt with an exciting indoor glow-in-the-dark adventure. Since glow stick eggs offer limited space for goodies, consider adding redeemable notes for prizes. If it is not too dark inside the home, incorporate regular, brightly colored prefilled eggs for an additional layer of challenge and excitement. Also, use regular fillable eggs and include light-up fidget slap bracelets and glow-in-the-dark jewelry to keep the glow party going long after the hunt ends. Remember to opt for 3-inch eggs to accommodate the fidget bracelets perfectly!

Light-up bracelets
Glow in the dark eggs
Light-up rings
Prefilled eggs (non-glow)

Egg Spinner for Mess-Free Decorating

Image: Children demonstrating the egg spinner Easter egg decorating tool

Bid farewell to messy egg decorating woes with the help of an egg spinner! Why wasn’t this spinner around when I was a kid? The kit comes with 30 plastic eggs and everything you need to decorate them, this ingenious tool turns egg decorating into a breeze and adds heaps of fun to the process. Simply place the marker on the egg, and watch as it spins to create stunning designs. Just remember to grab 3 AA batteries! TIP: I purchased additional paintable eggs and they also fit!!

Egg spinner

Decorate Your Own Bunny Mask with Stickers

Image: A pink bunny mask

These adorable bunny masks are a must-have. This project is budget-friendly and suitable for a wide range of ages. It’s simple enough for toddlers and has a durable, stretchy band that accommodates even the largest of heads! Whether for an Easter party, party favor or a family activity, this project is the most versatile. It includes 24 masks with springtime and alphabet stickers. You can always add other embellishments like self-adhesive rhinestones to personalize them with your own creative flair.

Bunny masks

Paint Your Own Wooden Tulip

Image: Children pain wooden tulips

These charming wooden tulips are not only fun to paint but can also double as decor! Have your bunch paint their own blooms, perfect for an afternoon filled with creativity and relaxation. They truly add a nice touch of springtime cheer to any room in your home. The acrylic paint linked will bring these tulips to life but it can totally destroy clothes so you could opt for washable paints.

Tulips (Note: the tulips pictured are not the ones linked.)
Acrylic paint

Easter Arts and Crafts: DIY Wooden Ornaments

Image: A DIY wooden Easter ornament

The wooden ornament kit includes small ornaments along with paint, brushes, stickers, googly eyes, and twine for hanging. For added durability and visual appeal, consider purchasing slightly larger wooden slices to adhere them to. This craft will add a touch of whimsy and warmth to your Easter celebrations.

Wooden slices

Easter Eggstravaganza: Crafting an Ostereierbaum!

Image: An Easter Ostereierbaum

Searching for the perfect Easter centerpiece? Why not create an Ostereierbaum, also known as an Easter tree? This charming German tradition will add a delightful touch to your table setting. Engage your little ones in decorating eggs with lanyards, then adorn cherry blossom branches with these beautifully adorned eggs. It’s a wonderful way to infuse your Easter celebration with creativity and perhaps a different holiday tradition!

Hanging eggs
Cherry blossom branches

Whether it’s decorating eggs with an egg spinner, embarking on a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt, or crafting an Ostereierbaum with your little ones, may these experiences fill your home with love and cherished memories. Happy Easter!

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