St. Augustine: 6 Family-Friendly Things To Do


Are you wondering what to do for vacation other than the same thing always? Disney and Universal are great, but let’s be honest–they can get expensive and tiresome. We recently went to St. Augustine and it was a must-do for sure. With or even without kids. I will share our favorites and share about our experience.

Planning Your Trip

There’s so much to do in St. Augustine. Plan before going. There are plenty of museums and so much history. Here is a list to add to your plan. The trolley, ghost tour, Pirate Museum, Fountain of Youth, Alligator Farm, and Old Jail Museum. Like I said there’s a lot to do there but these were our favorite must-do’s.

The Old Town Trolley Tour in St. Augustine, FL

Old Town Trolley Tour

The first thing you should know is to park anywhere in the St. Augustine tourist area you have to pay. The best thing is to purchase tickets for the trolley. It takes you to 22 different spots in the popular areas. It’s a guided tour and your ticket works for the whole day. You can get on and off at all their stops. It is totally worth it. Just think of it this way you don’t have to drive around. We learned so much especially since there were museums we were not planning on going to but we were still able to learn about. With the trolley, you can do a bundle and add some of the other museums for a cheaper price. Tickets are $36.55pp for the Old Town Trolley.

A man in a jail suit at the Old Jail Museum in St. Augustine, FL

Old Jail Museum

This was an amazing tour. We truly enjoyed it. It’s the oldest jail still standing in St Augustine. They give you a guided tour. You get to go inside the jail and see how the prisoners lived there and how that prison came about. It was a super cool experience.   Tickets are $15.16.

A man stands at the helm at the pirate museum

St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum is a museum dedicated to pirate artifacts. The kids will definitely love this museum. It’s hands-on and also a guided tour. They do have a scavenger hunt to do while touring the museum. Kids and adults loved it. Heck, my husband had a blast looking for the clues. Tickets are $17.99/adult and $9.99/child. They do have military discounts.

A large green snake hangs onto a tree branch

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

The Alligator Farm was fun. My husband didn’t want to go at first, as we were on an anniversary trip. And he was like, “A zoo, that’s what you want to do.” But hey Hubby does anything to make me happy. He had a blast. We loved seeing all the alligators and animals. Definitely a must-do for kids. Tickets are $34 for adult and $18.99 for kids.

A man and woman stand in front of the Fountain of Youth

Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

The Fountain of Youth is one of the most known museums there. It’s one of the oldest settlements around. I don’t want to give away a lot but it’s a great experience. Plus you get to drink from the Fountain of Youth. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s been flowing for centuries. Gonna be honest we made the line twice cause we really wanted the water. It was a fun experience. After that, you get to walk around the property and learn about when Ponce de Leon settled there and what it was like. Tickets are $18/adults and $9/kids.

The Ghost & Gravestones Trolly in St. Augustine

Ghosts and Gravestone Tour

So there are two types of ghost tours, and this one is the one to do. It takes you on a bus to certain haunted areas. It’s a great historical guided tour. It’s at night so very scary. Perfect mood for a haunted tour. You never know what you will see. This was by far my favorite tour. Snapping photos and sharing with others if you can see anything was awesome. Not too scary for kids. Tickets are $33pp.

There are so many more museums and tours. I could go on and on but there are too many to list. I give St. Augustine a 10 out of 10–you will not be bored. Plus they have beaches there too. So check them out. In my opinion, it’s a great couples trip and good for kids too.

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