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Miami Mom Collective Swimwear Guide Belasol

Miami is the land of endless summer which means a swimsuit is in style and on deck year round! We’ve rounded up styles to fit every body type and every budget. 

Discover the hottest trends, timeless classics, and everything in between, as we help you make a splash in style. From stunning one-pieces that hug your curves to sizzling bikinis that would turn heads on South Beach.

Does your swimwear protect your skin?

While swimwear is stylish, fun and a great way to showcase your unique style, swimsuits also have a dual purpose of sun protection! BelaSol, our Presenting Sponsor for this year’s guide is a Miami-based brand created by a Dermatologist. We know you’ll love their designs which are meant to protect your skin from sun damage while remaining sleek and stylish. Now that’s a win-win!

We’ve got you covered in the quest to finding the perfect swimwear that complements your unique personality.

Whether you’re lounging solo poolside or juggling a handful of kids, our recommendations will ensure you’re dressed for success! Whatever you do this summer Mama, take time to enjoy yourself and savor the moments with your kiddos. Get your hair wet, play Marco Polo, cannonball off the diving board, join in the handstand contest…These days are short and will soon be a memory! You won’t regret having fun!

Slip on your shades, slather your sunscreen, and allow our Swimwear Guide to be your trusted resource for chic swimwear for Miami Moms!

BelaSol Clothing is a sun-protective clothing company created by a dermatologist. The fabric is made from recycled bottles taken out of the Mediterranean! We are a sustainable company, and our goal is to protect the skin of all women in this world!

Snapper Rock UPF50+ Swimwear

Snapper Rock UPF50+ Swimwear Miami Mom Collective

Founded in 2003 Snapper Rock has been dedicated to providing high-quality UV swimwear for kids and their families. Designed in New Zealand our mission it to create stylish and comfortable swimwear that protects children from the sun’s harmful rays. We prioritise sustainability and use recycled materials to minimise our environmental impact.


Miraclesuite Miami Mom Collective Swimwear Guide

The best you’ve ever felt in a swimsuit. Miraclesuit is all about confidence and luxury through timeless, chic designs that transform and support.

Hermoza Swim

Hermoza Swim Miami Mom Collective

At Hermoza, we have so many timeless silhouettes mixed with trendy details that will have you feeling amazing in no time. If you are looking for a simple, subtle, stunning design the Amor is your girl. There’s so much to love about this smoothing and sculpting suit. With the Amor’s full chest and bum coverage, supportive built-in bra, and tunnel-tied rushed halter, you will feel like the picture of understated allure. The best part about fashion are the endless possibilities and styles you can try. We hope you find a style you love (or maybe more than one!).

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