The Perfect Addition to Easter Baskets for All Ages

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It’s time to start prepping your Easter baskets!

How is it already Easter 2021?! Didn’t we just take down our Christmas trees? It blows my mind to think that this will be our SECOND pandemic Easter. Woah. Anyway – pandemic aside – there are a few annual holiday happenings that I look forward to, Easter baskets being a big one!

As a child, my brother and I would excitedly search the house Easter morning to see what the Bunny had left us. As an adult, I excitedly search for basket goodies. There are a few theories out there on the origin of the Easter Basket but I’ll spare you those details and move on to the creation of your own basket. Scroll down to learn how to build the perfect, custom basket and to discover a delicious bakerly treat to amp up your Easter basket this year!

The Perfect Addition to Easter Baskets for All Ages Alexa GonzalezThe Basket

First, you need your basket! There are so many possibilities for arguably the most important part here. You can buy a cute Easter basket anywhere, but might I suggest these other awesome options:

    • Buying a functional or decorative basket. This is probably my favorite option. Maybe you found a really cute basket at at store that would also look great in your baby’s nursery or in your living room. Here is the perfect excuse to buy it! Fill it up for Easter and use it in your home after.
    • Thrifting a basket! It is both cost effective and earth-friendly to give a second life to a pre-owned basket. Visit a local thrift shop, a garage sale, or even a friend’s “give away” pile for a unique find.
    • Shop your home. Did your toddler receive 8 different Easter baskets from various family members last year? He may not notice that you recycled one of those for this year’s basket.

The Perfect Addition to Easter Baskets for All Ages Alexa Gonzalez Miami Mom Collective

The Filling

Actual Filling

In order to let your items stand out nicely, you need some fluff. Actual Easter grass is my personal favorite. I feel it really differentiates an Easter basket from any other gift basket. Other great options include crumpled up brown paper bags or tissue paper (reduce, reuse, recycle!). So now you have your actual basket and your filling which will be the base, so place it at the bottom. 


I like to break up the little gifts into categories: amain” item, small fun things, a clothing item, a book, and an edible item. The main item would basically be a small wish list item based on your kid’s interest.  

easter basket giselle

“Small fun things” are just that! Crayons, coloring books, slime (sorry in advance), nail polish, stickers, etc. Being that summer is coming up I love including a bathing suit as the clothing item. Pajamas or a t-shirt are excellent options as well. Keep your eye open for amazing Easter board books for the littles.

Sweet Treats

Last but not least, what’s an Easter basket without sweet treats? As for the edible item, I suggest these awesome crêpes from bakerly! 

The crêpes come in 4 different flavors. You can get them filled with chocolate hazelnut, crunchy caramel, crunchy chocolate, or strawberry. You (and your kids!) will love them! They are also non-GMO with zero artificial flavors and no high fructose corn syrup – an Easter treat you can feel great about!

Hide them around the house for your kids to find and start a “sweet” new Easter tradition.

The Perfect Addition to Easter Baskets for All Ages Alexa Gonzalez Miami Mom Collective Bakerly

Fill your child’s Easter basket with bakerly crêpes and save some extra ones in the pantry for the perfect on-the-go snack! Enjoy them as a pre- or post-workout snack, for breakfast, brunch or lunch, or as a midnight snack! Bon appétit!

Bakerly products are available at Publix, Milams, Whole Foods, Sedanos, CVS y más, Amazon and on their website. Find more fun snack ideas on the bakerly Instagram page!

Show us your Easter basket!

That just about sums it up! I hope this basket break down helps you create something special for your loved ones.

“Hop” on over to Instagram and show us your Easter basket by tagging @miamimomcollective! Happy Easter! 


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