Shoo Away Dust Bunnies Using Our Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist


It’s that time of year again when the dust bunnies in our homes outnumber the Easter bunnies at the stores!  Yes, it’s time to Spring clean and reorganize our homes using our complete Spring Cleaning Checklist!  I can already see the cringing faces, but fear not, we’re here to help.

First, we cannot deny the immense satisfaction we feel when we clean, reorganize, and declutter, and the mental well-being a clean house provides.  Second, now more than ever, it is important that our homes become environments conducive to working, playing, and relaxing.  Finally, as an added bonus, Spring cleaning gives us all an opportunity to donate to those in need during these difficult times.  Here is a complete guide to help you be extra efficient with your Spring cleaning and transform your home into your refreshed and organized haven.

What is Spring Cleaning and Why is it Important?

Spring Cleaning Aymee Blanco
Not sure where to start? Use the checklist below as your guide.

Spring Cleaning refers to an annual deep cleaning of your home in which you tackle those household items that don’t get your regular attention.  This can include dusting ceiling fixtures, polishing hardware, shampooing carpets, or vacuuming drapes and upholstered furniture.  It can also include reorganization projects of closets, garages, kitchen pantry, or any part of our home that accumulates disorganized mess.  For this reason, some people choose to break up their Spring cleaning routine into a few days, or a few weekends, depending on how in-depth you want to take your Spring cleaning.  

Cleaning Trends on TV:

Cleaning and organizing has even now become a trending part of our pop culture.  With shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Get Organized with The Home Edit, there’s definitely a visible, and I might add, welcome trend promoting decluttering and reorganizing your home.  If you want to take it a step further, there is also a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, that promotes simple and intentional living rather than living to accumulate things.  So with these trending topics, it’s no wonder more people are motivated to declutter their homes, and create organized and functional spaces.  These shows have provided me with some insightful tips and also helped me spark some joy!

Spring Clean Aymee Blanco
Specific folding techniques can help save drawer space.

Studies Show Benefits of a Clean and Organized Home:

Some people may ask, “Why is it important to Spring Clean your Home?” and according to a 2010 study, there is definitely a link between clutter and depression.  The study examined 60 women and how they described their homes, and found that the women who described their homes as “cluttered” and “full of unfinished projects” were more likely to be depressed than those that described their homes as “restful” or “restorative.”  (Source

During Covid times, as we spend the majority of our time at home, I am of the mindset that we need ensure our homes feel restful and restorative.  This in turn improves our state of mind and overall well-being for ourselves and our families.  So make the commitment, and carve out the time to Spring Clean your home!  Here are some tips and our Spring Cleaning Checklist to guide you in the right direction.

Checklists & Tools to Clean, Reorganize, and Declutter your Home:

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get your Spring Cleaning project started.  First, make a plan and decide if you’re starting indoors or outdoors.  Some people may need to clear out garages before in order to create useable space.  Having a plan is a great way to start and keep your spring cleaning project focused. Second, collect your cleaning and organization supplies. Third, use our Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you focus on certain cleaning areas and how to clean them.

Spring Cleaning Aymee Blanco
Restock cleaning supplies before starting your project.

Tools and Supplies:

  1.  Cleaning Supplies:  You’ll want to be sure you’ve restocked all necessary cleaning supplies before you start.  You don’t want to interrupt your momentum if you run out of cleaning supplies.  It’s better to have all supplies restocked and on-hand to avoid any interruptions while you’re in the cleaning groove.
  2. Boxes:  You’ll want a few boxes or containers to categorize your household items into: (A) Donate/Consign; (B) Repair; and, (C) Put Away (redistribute items where they belong).
  3. Garbage Bags:  Having garbage bags on hand while you clean and clear out a room or closet is a great way to immediately throw away items that are expired, broken, or no longer needed and not in donatable condition. The garbage bag will make you more inclined to get rid of things than to keep, at least that what works for me!
  4. Miscellaneous items: Pens, Labels, Post-its are all great to have on hand while you’re reorganizing and decluttering spaces.

Where Do I Start? 

Now that you’ve gathered all your cleaning supplies, tools, and have your Spring Cleaning Checklist in hand, it’s time to get your cleaning started!  Here are the most common spaces that deserve your attention during a deep clean of your home.

Spring Cleaning Aymee Blanco
With your checklist in hand, tackle your most neglected spaces first.

Click here for a printable list of common spring cleaning areas and how to clean them.

Local Donation Centers: 

I am providing some local donation centers that have drop-off locations or offer at-home pick up.  The links provided below will allow you to search for your nearest donation or drop off location.  Some of these centers are for-profit, while others are non-profit.  Be sure to research which donation institution best fits your needs.

  1. Goodwill Industries  Telephone: 1 (800) 466-3945
  2. The Salvation Army Telephone: 1 (800) 728-7825
  3. The Vietnam Veterans of America Telephone: 1 (800) 775-8387
  4. Check your Local Churches

Enjoy the Satisfaction of a Completely Refreshed Home:

Now that you’ve cleaned, reorganized, decluttered, and completely refreshed your home, enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The fresh smell of lemon, lavender, or whichever scent reminds you of clean, breathe it in and smile, it was totally worth the time and effort.  That disorganized drawer or closet won’t occupy head space anymore.  Now you’ll happily open it, and see organized beauty and feel complete satisfaction.  Not to mention, how much easier is it to find the things you’ve been searching for.  Plus, if you took the time to declutter and donate items, feel good that you’ve given back to and supported the local community.  Consider using it as a teachable moment for kids at home, and have them participate in donating toys they no longer use, or clothes that doesn’t fit.  Our homes need to feel like restful and restorative havens now more than ever. 


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