Summer Activities: 5 Different Things to Try With Kids in Miami


We are always looking for those “different” things to try with our kids. Whether it’s a new park or an event, I feel like parents are always on the hunt for something different to do on the weekends. There’s always something to do in Miami, but here are a few summer activities we did that were all-around wins. 

Out of the Ordinary

We’ve done the zoo, the farms, and everything in between. As a mom to our 4-year-old, I’m always looking for something different to expose him to.

  1. Welleby Park. The only negative is that it was a bit of a drive (if that’s even a negative). But then again so are Lion Country Safari and Disney and that never stops us. They had a grand re-opening summer of 2022 that featured their new amenities including a nature-themed splash pad, an improved large park, Safety Town, and much more. What caught our attention was the latter. Safety Town is the coolest place for kids to drive, bike, walk and pretend while learning. Our son has one of those electric cars and it was the most fun we’ve had riding that thing around. Face it, the neighborhood block is cool, but in their own miniature town, with street lights, small businesses, and railroad tracks–it took it to another level. 
  2. Golf Carting on Key Biscayne. For $70 you can rent a 4-seat golf cart for an entire day on the Key. We’ve done this a couple of times when we just don’t know what to do. Pick up a coffee and yummy cinnamon roll over at Flour & Weirdoughs in the morning. Then we take a drive down to the park and run a bit. We take a drive looking at the housing, critiquing which we like better while our little one is taking in the sights calling out everything he sees. Swing by the fire station and say hi to the Dalmatian. If you’re up for it, sink your toes into the sand on any of the beaches.
  3. Plane Spotting. Kids, and adults, are fascinated to see the planes taking off and landing. We spent a Saturday afternoon parked right off Perimeter Road and 12th watching planes for an hour. My son could not get enough. His eyes lit up when we tuned in ti live to Air Control and listened in as planes were approaching. Head over to the other side by the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant just a few blocks away, and catch the planes on the ground zooming by after landing. We also saw huge cargo planes taking off every so often which made the ground rattle. Planes were my father’s favorite thing, so it was definitely special to share that moment with my son. Image: Sandra and her son watch and wave as an airplane lands at MIA
  4. Ride the Train. It almost sounds sponsored, but it’s not. We’ve taken the Brightline a few times and each time it’s such a blast. Recently we took advantage of their 305 Weekend and took a ride to nowhere. On our first time riding the train, we went up to West Palm, strolled around the shops, and enjoyed the splash pad area at The Square. This time we decided we’d go up, get on the next train, and come right back down. Leaving at 11 am, we enjoyed mimosas on the ride up, played games, and enjoyed the ride. I definitely recommend booking the 4-seat tables, families were enjoying card games and picnics. *Yes, you can bring your own snacks and beverages.
    Image: Sandra and her mom toast their mimosas as they enjoy a right on Brightline
    Enjoying some champagne with Mom aka Vovo!

    Image: Sandra's husband and son riding on Brightline
    Dad and Marcelo were playing “I Spy”
  5. Rydables. On a recent trip to the zoo, we discovered Rydables. During spring break on a cool day, my son and I ventured to Zoo Miami. I have been so many times and these were apparently new. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at the zoo. Download the app before going to save you time. Each Rydable can accommodate 2 adults or 1 adult and two kids, but that’s relative to size of course. When we went back with my husband and some friends, the adults wanted to ride alone and grab a beer for the ride! Cup holders and the comfy cushioning make it an all-around win. Kids love scooting to each animal post, and you can do the entire park with stops in an hour. (Tip: bring an umbrella for those extra sunny days for some shade as you ride). 
    Five Different Activities to Try This Summer with Kids - Sandra Jacquemin
    Choosing his Rydable for the Zoo (plenty of different animals to choose from).

    If you try any or all of these 5 different summer activities, post and tag us @MiamiMomCollective!

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