Black Point Marina and Park: Mommy’s Hidden Gem


Black Point Marina and Park: Mommy's Hidden Gem Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Blessed to live here

I often find myself feeling so thankful to live in such an amazing city. Miami is known for so much, including its busy streets, beautiful beaches, and impressive nightlife.

As a mom, I look for kid-friendly activities constantly. We love the outdoors, going out on our boat, finding trails for new adventures, anything water-related really! During COVID19 my kids have been quarantined and kept from almost all of their normal daily activities. I thought it would be nice to let moms know about a free, outdoor, energy-burning activity that I enjoy doing every week. 

Black Point Marina and Park 

Black Point is located in Southern Miami Dade County and is one of the largest marinas in Miami. I am very lucky to have this little spot just about 2 miles from my house! Not only is Black Point Park where we take out our boat, but it is also a spot I love to take my kids for adventures in nature.  

On the east side of the park, there is a trail that leads up to a jetty. During low tide, the jetty is turned into a beach area that the kids love to explore! 

Activities we enjoy

From the first initial bridge, there is so much to see. My kids love stopping and looking out into the mangroves for fish, butterflies, insects, and even alligators!  The trail continues and there is nature all around us.  

As we make our way towards the jetty, my son Spencer loves waving at the boats that are in the channel. We also play a game of red light green light to keep the kids moving (if, not they tend to linger around the same areas). There are several bridges on the trail that the kids can look off of and spot fishes, crabs, and so much sea life! 

Once you make it to the end, you can really appreciate the beauty of the clear water and the jetty! There’s no hiding it, it’s HOT in South Florida! So it is so rewarding to dip into the salt water and enjoy the beautiful weather and all things Mother Nature! 

Black Point Marina and Park: Mommy's Hidden Gem Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Moms Blog

What to bring

My two kids are 4 and almost 2 so I try to pack as little as possible.  Some things I always include are sunscreen, bug spray, water cups, snacks, and an extra set of clothes. I fit everything into a single backpack and make it light since I’ll be chasing two kiddos around! On some outings, I bring the umbrella stroller which makes things easier but it just depends how much I want to wear my little guy out!  

Things to look out for

I absolutely love taking the kids out to this spot at least once a week, however, I must warn everyone that just like with everything there are dangers on the trail. For younger toddlers, the bridges can be dangerous because they can slip through the bars and into the rocky water. It is a national park so the wildlife is out and roaming freely. Lastly, the trail is filled with bikers, joggers, hikers, and fishermen so I always keep a close eye on the small ones so they aren’t in anyone’s way!  

I have found that the best time to go exploring is from 8am-noon. Weekdays seem to be the least crowded and make for a much more enjoyable time

P.S. If you work up an appetite there is also an amazing outdoor restaurant near the marina! 

I encourage everyone to take a drive and visit this little hidden gem. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Black Point Marina and Park: Mommy's Hidden Gem Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Moms Blog



  1. My husband works so close to Black Point and somehow we’ve only been once!! we definitely need to go back with Parker, it sounds like we’d have a great time. Thank you for sharing your gem with us!

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