Edit, Filter, Sleep, Repeat… A Challenge to Love Who You Are


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Do We Really Have to Edit and Filter Everything?

Let’s face it, almost everything we see online is edited or has a filter. Edited versions of everyone’s life are all over social media. We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to these versions of everyone’s life. 

I know I usually write about fashion and trends in my posts, but this topic is something I am passionate about, especially with two daughters. Now, please do not think I am judgmental about filters. (Trust me, those Insta filters give me life on days I haven’t slept because I was up with the munchkin). However, I am more speaking to editing out flaws and retouching photos to make ourselves appear to look like a completely different version of ourselves.

Guess What, We All Have Rolls…

I gave birth to two beautiful girls, which changed my body forever. I workout a lot, but I also eat a lot! (I mean come on, we live in Miami, one of the foodie capitals of the world! And two doughnut shops just opened in my area!) Do I have a six pack, buns of steel and arms that would make the Hulk jealous? No, I have soft areas that squish and jiggle. I have areas that roll over and arms that wave by themselves. I  have varicose veins right in the front of my leg, which was a gift from my last pregnancy. But, if you look at any of my photos, I do not edit them out. Why? Because it is what I look like currently. It is something that some women face. IT IS REAL!

Why Do We Idolize Perfection?

Look at your Insta feed, I am sure it is filled with bloggers who have perfect, neat, tidy homes with cute sayings everywhere. But, that takes work, lots of work! In fact, some are getting paid to do this, which is awesome! But again, it is there job!

I mean look at JLO, the woman is stunning! But, she has a team of people around her, helping her meet her goals. She has chefs, personal trainers, access to the best health and skincare. Why would we compare ourselves to her? We should look at her and admire her strong work-ethic, not her six-pack! (I mean, we should also admire the fashion choices as well….I mean just flawless!)

My Challenge to You…

I challenge you to look in the mirror and find minimum 5 things that you love about yourself! And guess what, it does not have to be physical! I’ll get the ball rolling… I love my eyes, I love the fact that I am raising girls that care about other people’s feelings, I love my ability to find fashion bargains, I love the fact that my body was able to give life to my girls, and I love that my body and mind are able to give me strength to go about my daily tasks!

Comment below with your strengths and what you love about yourself…..I dare you! No filter needed.

Edit, Filter, Sleep, Repeat... A Challenge to Love Who You Are


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