Emotions and the Breastfeeding Bond


Some theories explain that the breastfeeding bond is a way created by nature to guarantee the connection between the baby and the mother after birth. 

Like everything related to motherhood, breastfeeding is not a topic without controversy. There are those who consider that breastfeeding should take place during the first months and then it loses its true nutritional value. Others consider that it should be offered until the child asks for it.

Emotions and the Breastfeeding Bond Daniela Naime Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Breastfeeding Bond

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly closely related to many emotional benefits in children, including the creation of an important bond with the mother and brain development. Let’s keep in mind that breastfeeding is the first loving relationship that each baby will experience. It is the first contact for the emotional development of each human being, forming the foundations of their personality.

A Magic Moment

We are born with the essential skills to establish the mother-baby bond. It is a magical moment, where the mother secretes oxytocin to stimulate milk production. While the baby puts all their skills to achieve the latch while looking at their mother’s eyes, feeling secure while satisfying their needs.

This stage is essential for the development of a child’s emotional balance. When it is a healthy experience, the child feels happy. This allows him or her to establish the foundations of a balanced and happy adult. It is important to keep in mind how these stages of motherhood affect the life of a human being.

Emotions and the Breastfeeding Bond Daniela Naime Contributor Miami Moms Blog
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World Health Organization

However, it is important to keep in mind that breastfeeding is not the only way to connect and bond with your children. The World Health Organization provides certain guidelines to feed our children with milk bottles, to maintain the connection. 

Therefore, don’t judge yourself or get frustrated if things don’t happen as you expected. The important thing is to create a connection in a positive way, providing peace and stability to our babies.

The emotional part is key during breastfeeding. If you feel relaxed the process will get easier and your production level could even increase. 

Make Your Own Decision 

Let’s keep in mind the options of each one. Not all cases are the same and not all moms produce the same amount of milk. Consider the parameters established for breastfeeding but don’t get frustrated by it and focus on the bond.

Once you decide to try weaning, try to do it with respect toward your child. Avoid the guilt, since we know that regardless of your reason this process can represent a new grief and separation anxiety. 

Whatever your decision is, try to make it progressive. Your child shouldn’t be affected during the process. Follow your instincts, nobody knows your baby like you.

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful post about breastfeeding and it’s importance! I loved my breastfeeding journey even though it started out very rough.
    I appreciate your information and the resources even for mamas that cannot or choose not to breastfeed. Thank you!

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