Your Wired Kids Are Alright: Not All Screen Time is Created Equal


Are your kids wired…as in, plugged in to technology and screen time? Not to worry, we can assure you that not all screen time is created equal.  

Video Game Addiction?

By now, you have probably heard that the World Health Organization officially declared “video game disorder” as a behavioral addiction. Wait what?

Before you panic (like I did when I first heard about the Momo challenge hoax) let’s get some facts straight. Even though my ten-year-old loves Minecraft, and my thirteen-year old loves SIMS, they still doesn’t fit the definition of a gaming addict. I say this with confidence, because although they play a LOT they still go to school, dance, hang out with friends, etc. Video game disorder is only present when you can’t stop playing. Even if your life depends on it. Even when you’re on the brink of divorce, failing in school, getting fired and/or not sleeping. For over a year. What’s more, many health professionals are asking lots of questions and there is still much research to do. If you strongly believe that your child needs a diagnosis, then please reach out for help. 

Screen Time that Doesn’t Suck (Your Brain Cells)

It turns out that there is screen time that is productive and beneficial for your brain.  Here is a round-up of the software/apps/websites your kids should start exploring this summer!


What is it?

It’s a block-based computer programming language created for kids by MIT. Those guys are super smart – we can definitely trust them.

Why should they use it?

It’s a great introduction to computer programming. It teaches kids to think creatively and work through problems.

Will my kids care?

Kids love it, because they get to be creative as they learn. They can create stories, animations, games and much more.

Your Wired Kids Are Alright: Not All Screen Time is Created Equal miami moms blog
Learning to code!

Kodu Game Lab

What is it?

It’s a video game development tool that also uses block-based programming. This is Microsoft’s version. The main difference is that it’s video game based as opposed to animation/story based. 

Why should they use it?

It does everything Scratch does, and also allows kids to learn game theory, so they can understand how video games work behind the scenes.

Will my kids care?

If your kids like playing video games, they’ll love making them even more.

Learning to make video games!


What is it?

It’s easy to use 3D modeling software!

Why should they use it?

It teaches kids to prototype and model almost anything. Think key chains, jewelry, toys and pretty much anything they can design.

Will my kids care?

Your kids will enjoy the modeling process because it’s easy and interesting. If you can 3D print their designs, I guarantee it will blow their mind.

Designing in 3D!

Gravit Designer

What is it?

Think Illustrator for tiny hands and eyes. It has an easy to use interface, clip art that is relevant and lots of template ideas.

Why should they use it?

They can make everything from logos to posters to t-shirts. In other words, your kids can start designing their own merch.

Will my kids care?

Kids who love designing will love this app.

Designing t-shirts!

The Kids are Alright!

So, there it is: not all screen time is created equal! Like in real life, some connections are positive and some are not. However, once you discover the upside of technology there is always something new to learn. The best part is that your kids will be happy, and you’ll be happy they’re learning!

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Gina Hickey
Gina is the Co-founder of HackShack, a digital sandbox where future-ready kids play with technology and learn about coding, robotics and design. She is responsible for delivering on the brand’s promise to inspire kids to get curious, get creative and make something! As a lifelong learner, Gina is passionate about seeking, learning and sharing information to empower kids and adults on the best ways to use technology. She spends her time engaging parents, educators and communities; coordinating events; or managing the brand’s social media. Previously, Gina was head of communications for Starwood Latin America and worked at leading global PR agencies. Her career began at a financial tech start-up called Patagon. Gina graduated with a B.S. in Mass Communications from FIU. She masters the art of living through family, friends and writing. She lives in Miami Beach with her two amazing daughters Paloma & Fabianna, her dog Naya and her husband Mike-HackShack’s Co-founder.