Elizabeth is a 27 year old mom. Her boyfriend, Alex, and her have a two year old daughter who's name is Madison. She was born and raised in Miami, however, the plot twist to this Miami native is that she doesn't speak Spanish. She is a 100% American and a modern day full time working mom trying to make the most out of her days and cannot wait to share her thoughts with the world on motherhood and Miami.
Raise A Glass to Working Moms

Let’s Raise a Glass to the Working Moms

Full time employee at work and at home. As working moms, our days don't just end at our 9-5's. We still need to find the time to: organize the house, cook dinner, sneak in some playtime...
normal bedtime routine Miami Moms Blog

Redefining The “Normal” Bedtime Routine

As full time employees and parents of a 2 year old, we don't really have a "normal" bedtime routine like most people do. Our schedule is crazy and our time with Madison is precious. We...

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