Let’s Raise a Glass to the Working Moms


Full time employee at work and at home.

As working moms, our days don’t just end at our 9-5’s.

We still need to find the time to:

  • organize the house,
  • cook dinner,
  • sneak in some playtime before bedtime.

It isn’t just about being a mom though, we need to find time to be a spouse, a best friend, and try to find time for ourselves in the middle of it all.

We might always look put together but to be completely honest, we’ve probably applied our concealer four times before 10AM. We’ve prayed daily for coffee IV drip bags to be a thing and we’ve already had about 4 mental breakdowns in the past 24 hours.

However we do it.

We do it because we want to show our children, if you work hard you can have it all.

We want to show our spouses, they aren’t alone.

Most importantly, we want to show ourselves, how strong we really are.

We, as women, are capable of doing so many amazing things and we always manage to find a way to solve every problem thrown our way. We try our best at everything we do. We do it with love and passion and creativity. Stay at home moms, you’re no different from us working moms because in reality, you’re a working mom too!

So let’s raise a glass, to all moms who make it work. 


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