Savings for your Child’s Future College Expenses with Florida Prepaid


When our children are young, it is hard to imagine them as adults, making their own way in the world. College can feel like light years away. But as long as some days can seem when raising a child, the years truly do fly by. And the best thing we can do as parents is to prepare early for the big expenses, like college.

2030 is when many of our young children will be entering college or nearing college age. That is not so far away! So preparing financially for postsecondary education now is important. Florida Prepaid is helping families start saving early for college tuition costs — encouraging them to lock in historic low prices before Open Enrollment ends April 30!

Plans start at $34/month, and once you choose your plan and payment schedule, prices will never go up – even if tuition rates do! This is a great way to budget affordably and consistently for an important investment: your child’s future opportunities.

You’re setting a strong foundation for your child’s education by focusing now on their college savings, because when you save it sends them a strong message that you believe in their tomorrow. And the earlier you save, the lower your monthly payments. A consistent college savings strategy now will help your future college graduate avoid burdensome student loan debt as they learn the skills to become an astronaut, study ocean wildlife or develop the latest fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Special Offer from Florida Prepaid:

Florida Prepaid Plan prices start at $34/month, the lowest in 10 years.

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