Susy is a Miami mom, born and raised. Happily married for 7 years to her husband Danny, together they have brought into this amazing world two incredible boys Noah (6) and Adam (2). While a full time working mother in the insurance industry, Susy's main drive and focus is family life and finding that balance between being mom, wife and having a career. Susy is an active philanthropist for many local organizations and believes in supporting the community and city she lives in. In her "me time," Susy enjoys shopping, painting and snuggling in bed with a cup of coffee.
Helping Children Cope with Loss of a Loved One Miami Moms Blog

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

The death of a loved one is never something easy to cope with. As adults we have our own means of grieving with loss and it's something we learn with time and experience. Yet,...
Miami Moms Blog Potty Training Right of Passage

Potty Training – A Right of Passage

Potty Training, it's a right of passage for both parents and children. It's certainly one of those milestones that requires dedication, strength, patience and perseverance when at the end you and your child feel...