Educational Websites for Kids (Mom & Teacher Approved!)


An image with a quote from Nelson Mandela that reads, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Educational Websites

Schools are almost out, which means your kids will be home 24/7. Yikes! Just kidding. The day-to-day over summer break can get boring, so I have rounded up some of my favorite educational websites to help you entertain your kids while they engage in learning. It’s a Win-Win! Extra screen time minus the guilt.


Grades: Pre-K-3

Starfall is an educational website where children have fun while learning through activities in both math and reading. The activities provided by Starfall are aligned with Common Core State Standards and are researched-based, as it says on their homepage. They have a low-cost membership ($35 per year for home usage) that provides full access. The program allows students to explore and play with topics and positively reinforces them to be more focused, engaged, and motivated.

Vocabulary Spelling City

Grades: 1-6

Vocabulary Spelling City is an award-winning site that has various games and options to practice various literacy components. Spelling City has excellent graphics that children will love and can engage kids while providing interventions and supplemental instructional programs for students at different levels. It is user-friendly and offers tutorials and videos to help parents navigate the website. The website is free for basic use; however, a premium membership includes enhanced features such as individual child logins, data tracking, and premium games and activities. The premium accounts are $29.99 per year for a family. The website also has resources for children with special needs.

A little girl works on a lesson on her device


Grades: K-2

This website is free with an upgrade option for $9.99/month, and it is designed for pre-k through 6th grade. They offer art & music, language arts, math, and science activities. One fun activity is writing through their story maker game. Kids can use their tablets or laptops to use the step-by-step story maker, where they can draw and write their own story, helping them practice their print concepts, story elements, character identification, and much more.

Reading Bear

Grades: Pre-k-2

A totally free website that focuses on phonics instruction helping children learn the relationships between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language.  Reading Bear gives kids practice with basic phonics skills, including recognizing the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. This website helps kids work on listening skills while practicing spelling and building their vocabulary. This is a fun introduction to phonics principles while at the same time teaching vocabulary.


Grades: Pre-k-12

We love Outschool! This education platform offers a variety of engaging, small-group classes online and a wide variety of courses for every price range. The most recent class my daughter took was a writing workshop. They met every day from 4-4:45 pm via Zoom.

Here’s an outline of the course:

  • On Mondays, students prewrite and create their first draft.
  • Tuesdays, students revise their drafts.
  • Wednesdays, students edit their work.
  • Thursdays, students illustrate their work.
  • Fridays, students share their completed work and present it to the class!!

Outschool is an excellent resource for parents, and kids really love it!

What’s on your list of the best educational websites for kids? Share your ideas in the comments! 



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