Tap, Tap, Talk! A Language Learning App for Parents and Kids

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Tap, Tap, Talk! A Language Learning App for Parents and Kids

There are many ways that we try to teach our children and ourselves new languages. As a busy mother with limited time available, finding resources to help can be challenging enough, but not anymore. A new language learning app, “Tap, Tap, Talk!” is here to help people of all ages learn new languages, and it works in really awesome ways. This app has been a blessing with keeping our bilingual family in tact and teaching our son in a really fun way.

Knowing multiple languages is a huge benefactor. We took this into account along with wanting to keep our family heritage alive for the next generation. Our son was learning some of the language basics in school and at home during family dinners. However, we noticed his interest level declined after about 2 years or so once he was in a new school program. Once we introduced this app to him, he became more energetic about learning and he was able to retain more information.

How Tap, Tap, Talk! Works

Tap, Tap, Talk! uses aspects of memory games and language didactics, forming a multisensory learning environment that helps toddlers and adults alike learn a few different languages. The game is reminiscent of the card game “Concentration” – where players flip two cards at a time to eventually find a match. (If you’re old like me you might remember playing this game with your siblings growing up). What I really enjoy about the app is that it takes into account the different senses, and uses each one together to form this method of learning and retention.

Tap, Tap, Talk! A Language Learning App for Parents and Kids

Why it Works

The method has been proved out by a few different studies. I’ve noticed the value while learning lots of new vocabulary myself! Meanwhile, our son is far more interested in playing the game at home after school and learning that way vs. the instruction he is getting in his classes. We’ve seen a small increase in quickness so far, and hope that it gets even better over the summer.

I found the app by browsing one of the app stores, and it immediately caught my attention for several reasons. The video they used was fun and playful, and got right to the point. I can teach myself and my children new languages in a game like manner. The image cards they use are friendly for all ages, and the flow of the app works really well for all abilities. When I first installed the app there was only 3 sets of cards available, but now with every update there are more and more added, and there’s no additional cost.

I’m someone that’s always looking for the best tools to help educate myself and my family when possible. This app is simple, fun, and has worked really well for us. I’m so happy that I discovered Tap, Tap, Talk! and I hope that if you try it you’ll see some outstanding results too! You can download the app in the App Store or on Google Play. Begin raising bilingual (or trilingual!) children at home with Tap, Tap, Talk.