Bunnie Cakes Studio: Wynwood {Contributor Event Recap}


Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms Blog

Thank you to our friends at Bunnie Cakes who recently hosted the Miami Moms Blog Contributor Team!

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms Blog
Miami Moms Blog Contributor Nicole & Mariana Cortez, Owner of Bunnie Cakes

The Bunnie Cakes Studio

Miami Moms Blog exists to encourage and equip Moms in Miami. We believe this mission starts with our own team of writers, extends to the businesses we partner with and reaches our audience throughout Miami. Moms are worth celebrating! Therefore, we seize opportunities to share experiences as a team and support local businesses, especially Mom-owned businesses! 

We love to showcase standout Moms who are influencing others, beginning with their own families. Speaking of, allow me to introduce you to Mariana Cortez!

One Mom’s Challenge Turned Business Opportunity

Mariana is the Mom Boss owner and creative genius behind Bunnie Cakes. This vegan bakery has become appropriately dubbed, “the heart of Wynwood.” On August 30th Mariana and her team (here’s looking at you Cindy Ferreiro) hosted the Miami Moms Blog team at the Bunnie Cakes Studio. We loved hearing Mariana’s inspiring story, gleaning wisdom from her trials and triumphs and of course taste testing her delicious creations!

Bunnie Cakes is what you could call Mariana’s 6th baby (yes, she has 5 children!)

As they say, “Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.” This is true of Bunnie Cakes which was born out of necessity. In 2009 Mariana needed a vegan birthday cake for her son’s second birthday. She scoured Miami. However, there was no cake that could meet her child’s dietary needs.

With her grandmother as her inspiration, a handful of recipes, and her home kitchen – Mariana got after it! Soon she found herself leaving her corporate job and opening her flagship store in Wynwood. Mariana’s cupcakes can now be found at select local Starbucks and Whole Foods! As the Bunnie Cakes studio wall declares, “Follow that dream!”

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms Blog

It’s hard to imagine the success this young Mom of 5 has experienced in less than 10 years. One important lesson Mariana shared with our group was the importance of remembering that all good things involve sacrifice. As a Mother she has made sacrifices for her business. As a business owner she has made sacrifices for her family. Yet her commitment to her passions and purpose have kept her grounded and undoubtedly contributed to her success!

What Makes Bunnie Cakes Different? 

Bunnie Cakes pride themselves in being a completely vegan bakery.  You don’t have to worry about any animal by products, refined or hydrogenated oils in their bakery. They make it their aim to use organic and natural ingredients as much as possible. They even offer a full Q&A disclosure on their website about their commitment to producing quality products fit for individuals with specific allergies. 

Did we mention everything is DELICIOUS? Who knew one of the best cuban sandwiches in Miami is actually gluten free? (You heard me, Bunnie Cakes also has sandwiches…and savories…and sweets beyond cupcakes…and pizza…and COFFEE!) 

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms BlogExperience

Our team received a private cupcake decorating class and downed an assortment of their signature sandwiches. (This pregnant Mama gave the Cubano 2 thumbs up!) Two lucky moms went home with a dozen of Mariana’s signature desserts: the mini cupcakes! Mariana also took time to engage our eager Moms with a Q&A.

We had a blast laughing together as we tried to maneuver fondant icing garnishes on our cupcakes. Everyone’s iphones were snapping photos non-stop in the studio because every inch of the space is Instagram worthy including the “Stay Magical” rainbow wall. The bathroom even has a disco ball! We all enjoyed a night out that would have made all of our kids jealous! (At least we went home with cupcakes to share, right?) 

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms Blog

As Moms, we want to provide our children with the best possible options when it comes to a special treat. Bunnie Cakes has definitely become our #1 go-to! We can’t wait to visit again for a Mommy & Me decorating class which Mariana offers for children as young as age 3. 

When you stop by the Bunnie Cakes storefront for a treat be sure to ‘gram a photo by one of the beautiful murals. We chose to have our Miami Mom Blog team headshots in front of these iconic walls! Thanks to our amazing team photographer (and fellow Miami Mama) Alejandra Escalante for capturing all of the fun at our event. 

Shout Out to our Swag Bag Supporters

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms BlogThanks to amazing sponsors who provided our hardworking team with awesome swag! Talking Out of Turn gave adorable stationary packs and some outstanding giveaways! Kendra Scott gifted our entire team with beautiful jewelry. Savory Granola provided a bag of their yummy homemade granola for each Mom. Blo Brickell offered coupons for blowouts, Soul Cycle in Brickell supplied a free class for each Mom and Pencil Grips added a little something for the kids! What is a Mom’s Night Out without a little bubbly? Every Mom was excited to go home with a bottle of Bloomer’s Frose drink mix! 

Contact Bunnie Cakes

Bunnie Cakes Vegan Bakery is located at 2322 NE 2nd Avenue. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10AM-7PM and Sundays 11AM-5PM.

Give them a call to schedule a party: 786-268-9790! Bunnie Cakes host regular workshops. You can even book a party or corporate event in their vibrantly colored and adorably decorated studio!

Follow them on Instagram to be wow’ed by their creative cakes and events.  

Bunnie Cakes Wynwood Contributor Event Miami Moms Blog