Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist–The Dentist Your Kids Will Beg to See!

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There are so many things to know as a parent, aren’t there?!  So many things we didn’t know we needed to know about.  So many random things to Google or ask about in our Facebook moms’ groups in the wee hours.  But what do we need to know about our children’s oral health?  I asked Dr. Bob!

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist--The Dentist Your Kids Will Beg to See! Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Credit: Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist is a full-service boutique practice located in South Miami.  They offer a wide range of services from infant exams, preventive care, and x-rays, to specialized dentistry for children and adolescents with a variety of special healthcare needs.  In fact, Dr. Bob is one of the few local pediatric dentists able to perform virtually pain-free laser frenectomies to treat tongue-ties and lip-ties that may interfere with a newborn’s ability to breastfeed.  If you or anyone you know has ever had to seek treatment for a tongue or lip-tie, you know this is a really big deal.  And it’s just one of the many things that really set Dr. Bob apart.

Why Pediatric Dental Care Is Important

Our childhood experiences shape our habits and lifestyle choices as adults.  This is especially true when it comes to preventive dental health.  That is why Dr. Christopher Bob and his team are committed to providing the exceptional care your child deserves.  They strive to make every aspect of the care their patients receive a holistically positive experience.

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist--The Dentist Your Kids Will Beg to See! Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
The quiet, cheerful waiting room will put you at ease from the time you walk through the door

If children have consistently positive experiences at the dentist throughout childhood and adolescence, they are more likely to be lifelong good dental patients.  Think about it… how many of us have negative associations with dentists based on pain or anxiety we may have experienced as children?  How have those early experiences shaped our habits and attitudes toward dental care as adults?  Dr. Bob desires to help us parents change those narratives for our kids.

What Parents Need to Know

The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s first visit to the dentist be scheduled no later than 12 months of age.  This is an important milestone for parents as well as their child(ren) as it focuses on oral health education and the prevention of early childhood caries.  And when a child is added to their parent(s) dental plan their preventive dental visits are covered at 100%. 

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist--The Dentist Your Kids Will Beg to See! Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Image by Jenny Friedrichs from Pixabay

In the meantime, here are some other important things we need to know as we provide oral care for our children at home:

  • No bottles of milk to bed!  As tempting as it is–especially when you’d willingly give anything for any amount of extra sleep–do not put your infant or toddler to bed with a bottle of milk.  The sugars in the milk (including formula and breastmilk) form a residue on the teeth and gums, creating an increased risk of cavities.  
  • Diet is important.  Just like the rest of the body, a healthy diet is vital for healthy teeth.  This is especially important when it comes to snacking.  Healthier choices are better for children’s teeth.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste from the eruption of the 1st tooth.  Did you know fluoride can prevent tooth decay by as much as 50-70%?  For a child under the age of 3, only a tiny amount of fluoridated toothpaste (the size of a grain of rice) is necessary.  For children between 3-6 years of age, only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be used and parents should actively supervise and assist in their child’s tooth brushing. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
A visit to the dentist can be fun!

There are many things to consider when it comes time to selecting a pediatric dentist for your family.  Because Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist is a small boutique practice, they are able to customize the care they provide to each of their patients.  In addition to their regular office hours, Dr. Bob is also available around the clock for dental emergencies (because stuff always happens on weekends and holidays, right?!).  Don’t settle for another anxious visit to the dentist that you’ll probably put off as long as possible.  If you are looking for a dentist who will provide the highest level of personalized care for your child(ren), give Dr. Bob a call.  And be sure to let him know that you heard about him on Miami Moms Blog!

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