Celebrating Easter With A Creative Egg Hunt


Celebrating Easter may look very different in a socially distanced world. One thing that does not have to look different is taking the time to make it a special and memorable celebration.

A chocolate Easter bunny with tulips and chocolate eggs (Celebrating Easter With A Creative Egg Hunt Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

There is so much meaning to the season. I remember as a child, the weeks leading to Easter Sunday were filled with devotionals, stories of Easter, creating significant recipes to share as a family, a creative egg hunt, and being appreciative of those who surround us. Check out this post from Miami Mom Collective Contributor Janelle Fuente, who shares 3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Easter (Even While Social Distancing).

A little girl holding a sign that says "Happy" (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A tradition loved by children and parents alike is a good creative egg hunt. Whether you are scattering some candy and/or sticker-filled eggs across the yard or doing things a little differently. We have rounded up some of our favorite creative Easter egg hunt ideas. 

My daughter with a basket of eggs (Celebrating Easter With A Creative Egg Hunt Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt 

Hosting a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt in the evening using plastic eggs and glow sticks, finger lights, or LED tea lights is so easy. The flickering LED tea lights give an extra cool effect. If you decide to use LED tea lights or finger lights, you can even save them for next year!

If you add goodies to the eggs, the light may be dimmed. Thus, consider giving prizes for the most eggs collected or for a certain amount of colored eggs. 

Despite the weather, this is an egg hunt activity that is fun outdoors or indoors. 

Puzzle Egg Hunt

A mother and daughter doing a puzzle (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)A puzzle egg hunt is such a cool way to gather the kids and teach them about teamwork. I love that they can put all the pieces together and create a puzzle at the end of their hunt. Such a fun way to extend an egg hunt into a puzzle night. 

Whether you decide to buy a few simple puzzles or a large complex one, you can even get creative and divide it by colors. Each small puzzle belongs in a colored egg. Or each corner of a large puzzle gets a color. 

Amazon has some blank puzzles for those who may want to create a puzzle with a hidden Easter message. 

Cookie Decorating Ingredients

Easter cookies (Celebrating Easter With A Creative Egg Hunt Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Cookie decorating ingredients are sure to make for a tasty egg hunt. Add messages and different types of sprinkles into small plastic baggies. The point is to use the hidden messages to find the materials and ingredients (cookie cutters, frosting, parchment paper, etc) needed for some delicious cookie-making fun. 

Family Activity Hunt

A family fishing together (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A family activity egg hunt is so fun because it incorporates meaningful family time into the hunt. Add notes with family activities to do together. For example, “take a walk in the park,” “go for a bike ride,” “beach day,” “bake together,” or “go fishing.” There are really so many ways to do this.

Once the kids are done, they can gather all the activities and pick them for weeks and/or months to come. Perhaps pick a day of the week that they can redeem a family activity. This is perfect for Sunday fun days.

Scavenger Hunt 

Colorful Easter eggs (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A scavenger egg hunt allows children to search for clues (easier for small children, more complex for older children). When they reach the end of the scavenger hunt, an Easter basket may be waiting for them. 

This is a clever way to avoid simply scattering eggs all over the yard. This allows children to search in specific locations throughout the house (indoors and outdoors). 

ABC Egg Hunt

ABC letters (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

An ABC egg hunt is great for younger preschool-aged children. It is so fun for them to be able to practice their ABCs after they find all of their eggs. 

You can even go the extra mile and practice the spelling of their name as well as other family members’ names. What a great use of their ABCs set. 

Color Coordinated Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A color-coordinated egg hunt is the perfect solution for competitiveness. Sometimes getting the most eggs can get in the way of a fun time. If you ever find yourself with a child that collected little eggs or one that collected too many, this may be the egg hunt for your family. 

Assigning each child a color ensures that all of the kiddos get to participate and end their egg hunt happy. 

Balloon Egg Hunt 

Balloons (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A balloon egg hunt is awesome for small children and toddlers. The balloons provide them with a sensory experience and a clear indicator of where the eggs are. 

Once all the eggs have been collected, there are many activities that you can do with those balloons to keep the littles entertained. 

Exercise Egg Hunt 

Kids doing yoga together (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

An exercise egg hunt can be an awesome way to get active. Fill the eggs with exercise instructions (stretch, jumping jacks, squats, burpees, lunges). If the kids have a lot of sugar intake on Easter Sunday, this is going to be great to get rid of that extra energy. 

You can also get creative and add animal exercises (frog jumps, bear walk, gorilla shuffle, elephant stomps, crab walk, etc). 

Lego Egg Hunt

Lego bricks (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A Lego egg hunt is fantastic for Lego lovers. Hide pieces of Legos or a Lego build in the eggs and have the kids find them all. Once they are done, they can free play with the Legos or create a Lego build. 

Flashlight Egg Hunt 

Flashlight (Jessica Alvarez-Ducos Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

A flashlight egg hunt is so fun for older children. It challenges them to really seek. Ideally, you want to provide each child with an assigned color. For example, a child assigned green eggs will have a green flashlight. You can also scatter some large prize eggs that are up for grabs by all. 


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