Muments Mornings Miami on International Women’s Day {Event Recap}

This event was sponsored by our friends at Clasica Victoria, La Belle Beauty Academy, Skinderella's Touch, Alex and Ani Brickell, One Rose FL, College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors, and Alejandra Escalante Photography. All opinions are those of the author.

#Momlife is a dynamic and beautiful phenomenon.  You can see it in that 2nd-trimester pregnancy glow, the sweet candids of a mother with her newborn, the proud smile radiating from her face in a school auditorium.  But you can also see it in the tired eyes at drop-off and the fierce resolution in the checkout line.  The day-in, day-out nature of mothering is intense, for sure.  And it is also a high calling worthy of celebration.  This year, Miami Moms Blog had the pleasure of partnering with Muments Barcelona for a special event in honor of local moms!

3 Guests Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap} Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Friends enjoying the 1st Muments Mornings Miami on International Women’s Day (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

The first of its kind in the U.S., Muments Mornings Miami invited moms to enjoy brunch, a massage, a manicure, and on-site childcare.  Also included in the ticket price were flower crowns, giveaways, a jewelry showcase and more!  I know I was shamelessly counting down the days and looking forward to a little pampering and relaxation.  I definitely needed it.  And I thought it was great way to celebrate International Women’s Day.  

Seize Your Muments

Sara 3 Guests Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap} Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Sara, of Muments Barcelona (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

The mission of the Muments initiative is to encourage moms (or mums, to our Spanish friends) to take guilt-free moments to relax, recharge, and be pampered.  Muments events also foster community among local moms.  While we enjoyed a beautiful brunch by Clasica Victoria, I met and talked with some other Miami moms, too!  We talked about where we were from, which part of town we lived in, and which schools our children attended.  Things every mom can relate to and can easily talk about.  

Clasica Victoria Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap}
Brunch provided by Clasica Victoria, a lovely restaurant on Key Biscayne known for their French and Italian foods and pastries (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

Pampering Mom

As we were chatting and munching on fresh fruit and croissants, we signed up for mini massages and manicures.  If I’m being honest, the massage was what I was most looking forward to.  Being child-free in a quiet, dark room where my whole job was to lay on a table while someone worked the kinks out of my shoulders?  Yes, please!  A team of professionals from La Belle Beauty Academy were ready for us and created a relaxing and soothing environment.  I didn’t want to leave!  

Skinderella's Touch Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap}
Manicures by Skinderella’s Touch (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

We were also treated to manicures by Skinderella’s Touch.  The chair at her table was the busiest seat in the house!  She took the time to thoroughly care for each guest, and it was fun to watch the stress and hurriedness fade away as each woman received the royal treatment.

And speaking of royalty, every queen needs a crown, right?  Well, that was covered too.  Johana of One Rose FL was on hand to make beautiful flower crowns for our queen mothers.  I was ready to wear my crown on my Publix run because, why not?  Every mom deserves to feel like the queen that she is, especially as she carries out the day-to-day tasks that are so vital to the well-being of her family.  

Flower Crowns Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap}
Donna and Cierra wearing their beautiful flower crowns by One Rose FL (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

As if this event could get any better, Alex and Ani showcased some of their beautiful jewelry from their store in Brickell.  I wasn’t super familiar with their brand before but enjoyed looking at the pieces they had on display.  I also appreciated learning more about their company, which is all about spreading positivity and giving back.  

On-Site Childcare

While I took 2.5 hours out of my hectic schedule to relax and meet other moms, my daughter had fun with the pros from College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors.  They were fun and engaging with the kids, and totally supported us so that we could participate.  We also received a voucher for 4 hours of FREE babysitting!  Did someone say date night?!  Definitely a gift that will keep on giving.  My friend had recently tried College Sitters, but it was great to experience their service for myself.

College Nannies+Sitters Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap}
My daughter, having a great time with one of the pros from College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

The Muments Mornings Miami event was really special and was captured for us by the talented Alejandra Escalante.  It was a sweet and unique experience that inspired us to pursue guilt-free muments of rest and connection with other moms.  

Group Photo Muments Mornings Miami on International Women's Day {Event Recap}
Smiles of approval at our Muments Mornings Miami Event (Photo: Alejandra Escalante Photography)

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