Valentine’s Day: 6 Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas for Dads


Originally, I had intended to create a Valentine’s Day shopping guide for men.  But when I thought about how to express my deep appreciation and love for my husband this year, I remembered a creative and meaningful gift that he gave me in our first year of dating.

For our first Christmas, my (now) husband took the time to write 1000 words about us.  It read, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a picture of 1000 words to tell you just how much I love you.”

In honor of this sweet memory—and our monthly budget—I’m sharing 6 thoughtful DIY ways to say, “I love you” this year:

Create a Clever Coupon Booklet

date coupons Valentine's Day: 6 Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas for Dads Bethany Pappas Contributor Miami Moms Blog

I’m also stealing this one from my husband!  For Christmas, he gave me 12 coupons for creative date nights “in” that are tailored for us.  Each coupon requires 1 weeks’ notice for planning and can be enjoyed at home.  Examples include a dessert cook-off, a massage, a candlelit dinner, an unmentionable—you get the picture!

“I love You, Daddy” Valentine’s Day Card

What you’ll need: construction paper, crayons, glue, markers, stickers, and patience.  My (almost) 4-year-old loves tracing letters right now.  So, I plan to write the words on a card and let him trace the letters with crayons.  I’m also going to create heart cutouts to write down the things he loves about his daddy inside.  Kids love to gift things that they create!

Family Picnic

My hunch is that many of you may be reading this on your phone with background noise—a fussy baby, a teething toddler, an energetic preschooler, or a homework-avoiding kiddo.  As South Floridians, we enjoy beautiful weather this time of year!  What better way to celebrate this Thursday holiday than by visiting the park with a big blanket, a simple meal, and (perhaps) a bottle of wine.       

Make His Favorite Meal

Food is often (one) key to a man’s heart.  Think about a meal your partner truly enjoys—or ask his mama—and make it!  After bedtime, unplug, light a few candles, and enjoy the meal together. 

Schedule the Sexy Stuff

Let’s not forget another (arguably more important) key to a man’s heart.  Details aside, most moms agree that finding time for intimacy is hard with young kids.  Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity to make this a priority and to get creative.  To start, I’d recommend ignoring your phones for a few hours.  Schedule a couple’s massage, trade foot rubs, take a bubble bath, play music, or do whatever it takes to unplug for the evening and connect with one another.

Tell Him EXACTLY What You Want

Believe me—if your husband’s love language isn’t gift-giving, he will appreciate this.  For my birthday, I requested coffee (alone) in bed, time for the gym, and a small celebration with our family.  So, whether you want a day date, a date night, a necklace, an orchid, or extra uninterrupted sleep, tell him that in advance! There’s nothing worse than creating false expectations by saying, “I don’t need anything.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!