101 Quarantine Friendly Activities to do at Home {Printable PDF}


Miami Moms Blog understands that with school closures across the state of Florida and around the country, kids will be spending extra time at home in the coming weeks. We want you to feel equipped & encouraged. Let’s look at this as a gift — more quality time with our children!  Get creative, spark their imaginations and enjoy it!

Download our printable PDF of 101 Quarantine Friendly Activities and check them off as you go!

Show us your photos (and progress with the list!) using the hashtag #MiamiMomCollective 

101 Quarantine Friendly Activities to do at home miami moms blog

101 Quarantine Friendly Activities to Do at Home with Your Kids:

  1. play outside
  2. sensory bins
  3. empty toilet paper rolls crafts
  4. color
  5. yoga from on-demand videos
  6. outdoor garden yoga for kids
  7. enjoy church online
  8. mommy and me at-home manicures
  9. spring cleaning
  10. potty training
  11. board games
  12. puzzles
  13. movie night
  14. play dress-up
  15. bake
  16. eat what you baked
  17. museum virtual tour
  18. build with legos
  19. pool
  20. play in the sprinkler
  21. bike ride
  22. color sidewalk with chalk
  23. blow bubbles outside
  24. look at old family photos
  25. make paper airplanes
  26. FaceTime friends and family 
  27. listen to audio books
  28. read books 
  29. throw a blanket on the ground and host a picnic (both inside and your backyard)
  30. build a fort
  31. bring out old party supplies and throw a doll a birthday party
  32. dance party
  33. slumber party in the living room
  34. watch POV roller coaster videos (and pretend to be on them)
  35. paint
  36. play restaurant
  37. tea party
  38. make play-dough
  39. practice counting
  40. look at their baby photos with them
  41. rearrange their room
  42. cut out from old magazines and make a collage
  43. teach them how to make a simple recipe
  44. make crafts
  45. make sock puppets 
  46. put on a puppet show
  47. make hand sanitizer
  48. play hide and seek
  49. take silly family photos 
  50. dine al fresco (in your backyard)
  51. make lemonade (literally and figuratively)
  52. let kids make their own ice cream sundaes
  53. create a family playlist and have a sing-along
  54. gardening
  55. outdoor scavenger hunt
  56. organize kids’ rooms
  57. let the kids enjoy that extra long bubblebath you never have time for
  58. set up a tent outside and let them go “camping”
  59. set up an obstacle course in the backyard 
  60. schoolwork
  61. decorate for Easter
  62. toy cleaning party (anything can be a party: just add excitement & music!)
  63. indoor scavenger hunt
  64. crayons + leaves + paper = Crayon Leaf Art
  65. write notes to family or friends
  66. let the kids help with a load of laundry (Yes, it will take longer, but include them in the process and make memories! Even let them jump on the pile of clean laundry! #livealittle)
  67. create a family olympics (Mom vs. Dad activities, kids vs. parents relays)
  68. have a pj day!
  69. create sensory art with shaving cream
  70. rice + plastic bin + kitchen funnels & scoopers = fun!
  71. create a pots & pan music band (until your neighbors ask you to stop!) 
  72. play balloon volleyball (don’t let it touch the ground or you lose!)
  73. create a kid-friendly “charcuterie board” (fill a muffin tin with kid friendly snacks!)
  74. make a paper chain to countdown a special event (maybe a birthday or the end of the week!)
  75. apply/celerey painting 
  76. an old-fashioned game of “Red Light, Green Light” or “Simon Says” (don’t forget about “Duck, Duck, Goose”)
  77. have a “Frozen 2 Premier Party” (dress up, have a snack, watch the movie for the 1,000th time)
  78. cardboard box crafts (cardboard box + crayons + paper scraps + glue stick) 
  79. indoor hopscotch
  80. pillowcase races 
  81. flashlight party (camp out in a closet with the flashlights, read a book, sing a song)
  82. host a family talent show
  83. make a movie on your phone (send to abuela and make her day!)
  84. play a game of “Would You Rather” 
  85. bath time for toy animals (plastic bin + soap & water = disinfecting & fun!)
  86. create a giant tic-tac-toe game on the floor (masking tape + paper plates) 
  87. play crab soccer
  88. wash the car
  89. wash the scooters/bikes/roller skates (go to town!)
  90. have a lego color hunt 
  91. try a science experiment 
  92. put on your swimsuit and play water games outside
  93. play dress up from Mom & Dad’s Closet 
  94. take a nature walk (check out these awesome ideas while you’re out and about)
  95. make up your own superheroes (You’re definitely Super Quarantine Mom!)
  96. put together a care package for a community helper (Firefighters, Police Station, Mailman)
  97. create an “indoor ocean” experience 
  98. write a children’s book with your child (staple some construction paper together and viola!)
  99. create a family bucket list
  100. have a Color Craze Day!
  101. have an upside-down dinner (via cup of jo)

    60 Things To Do at Home With Your Kids Miami Moms Blog Becky Salgado
    Photo Credit: Cup Of Jo

More Fun

You can also check out @simplelifeofsunshine for some more fun crafts! 

For more screen-free activities to keep kids busy while you work from home, check this out.

We have our online Facebook community group, so reach out and ask other moms what they’re doing to keep sane on these long days. 

Do you have any fun activities you’d like to add to our list of 101 quarantine friendly activities to do at home with your kids? Help some mamas out and share it in the comments below! 

Download Printable PDF: 101 Quarantine Friendly Activities

101 Quarantine Friendly Activities Miami Moms Blog


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