5 Reasons Why Being a Doral Mom Keeps Getting Better


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As a mom, everything that has to do with convenience and child-friendliness has my full support! Time has become so precious and it goes by so fast. I truly value everything that makes my life easier. If can choose to go to a store, shop for groceries or go to a park nearby, believe me I will always chose the closest spot.

I currently live in Doral which makes me a Doral Mom. This city has given me everything I need to build a healthy, enjoyable and practical life. It has evolved tremendously as it continues to grow and get more beautiful. This family-friendly community is becoming more and more convenient, making my mom life easier and better. Here are 5 reasons why…

Growing with a family-centric vision

In these past five years that I’ve been a Doral Mom, I’ve seen new developments and housing opportunities that are turning the city into an extremely competitive market. New office buildings, shops, entertainment locations, schools (rated A), sports and arts academies, and churches are constantly being added to the existing wide variety of lifestyle options that Doral residents have to enjoy the city and raise a family.

A great example is Downtown Doral, a community that features modern residential options (and tons currently being built), local businesses, and trendy restaurants, all located by one of the city’s well-known charter schools and a park. It is becoming more and more popular as it continues to provide Doral families the ideal scenario to enjoy an afternoon or evening out and about. In fact, earlier this year we did out first in-person Mom’s Night Out events and our signature Bloom event at The Doral Yard, one of the hottest gathering spots and restaurants in the area.

This beautiful city keeps evolving and increasing its family-oriented opportunities across a variety of sectors and I can’t wait to see what it will look like a few years from now!

Beautiful parks and sights

There is a park with a playground in almost every neighborhood in Doral. My children love them all and their different amenities and features. We never get tired of the ones that are closer to our house.Therefore, after business hours and when it’s not raining, you will find me and my little ones playing, running around, or laying down in the grass in one of these fun parks.

5 Reasons Why Being a Doral Mom Keeps Getting Better Miami Mom Collective

5 Reasons Why Being a Doral Mom Keeps Getting Better Miami Mom Collective
When it rains in Doral (frequently!), it pours lots of fun!

5 Reasons Why Being a Doral Mom Keeps Getting Better Miami Mom Collective

In addition, there are a lot of other interesting sights in Doral worth visiting, such as the Trump National Doral Miami, the perfect luxurious getaway for the entire family! There’s more about it on this article written by our founder Cierra Bragan on her recent experience as part of our Staycation Guide.

Delicious Latin American Flavors

There is every type of restaurant you can imagine in Doral, especially those that showcase the best of Latin America’s flavors. Almost all of them are family-friendly and their food is simply delicious! If you migrated to Miami from a Latin American country, you will most likely find a place that reminds you of your mom’s or abuela’s food. Our family favorites are Francisca (Venezuelan), Bachour (international), Mondongo’s (Colombian), and any place we can find arepastequeños or Brazilian pão de queijo.

Our favorite ice cream from Francisca comes with my childhood favorite chocolate snack: pirulin!
Bachour has the best brunch options in town! Sometimes we drop the kids at school a bit earlier to enjoy a mid-week early date (with baby) and we both love these eggs benedict with salmon

As a Doral Mom it’s easy to immerse my husband and children into my culture

Doral reminds me of Venezuela. Everywhere I go I hear my accent, my music, my food, and so many other aspects of my culture that remind me of my country. The Venezuelan population is significantly large in Doral, so that’s why at some point someone informally named the city Doralzuela. This beautiful aspect of the city, gives me what I need to immerse my husband and children into my culture. I love sharing with them different fun (and delicious) experiences that taste, smell, and sound like my beloved Venezuela. 

Last but not least, we now have a hospital in Doral!

To me, having a fully functioning hospital in Doral is the best news about my growing city and one more reason to stay here. For many different reasons, we sometimes find ourselves driving long distances to get to the nearest hospital or doctor’s appointment.

Earlier this year I gave birth to my third baby and believe me when I tell you, driving 40+ minutes to the nearest hospital (my husband drove) while I was in labor, in excruciating pain of the contractions, is NOT beautiful. It would have taken me 1/4 or less time to get to the newest Baptist Health Hospital Doral at 9500 NW and 58 Street (located just off the Palmetto 826). 

The hospital is slated to open November 8th and 7AM and will provide 24/7 emergency care, as well as diagnostic imaging, surgery, inpatient pharmacy and other healthcare services to our Doral community. So, there you go, one more reason to feel safer and enjoy the convenience of living in and raising a family in this beautiful community!

Are you also a Doral Mom? What do you love about this city?
Share with us in the comments!

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