Another Year Has Passed, Reflecting on What Has Been


I can’t believe that December is already upon us. It feels like it was yesterday when I took down the Christmas decorations. But now they’re all up. The house smells like fresh-cut trees and gingerbread. And we’re so ready once again to enjoy the most magical time of the year. And while enjoying this time I’m also reflecting on the year that has passed.

Another Year Has Passed, Reflecting on What Has Been Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective

A new beginning.

When we said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed in 2020, I was so excited! 2019 had been more than a handful, so I was ready for an easy-going, fun, and adventurous 2020. 

It did start quite well. We moved into a new house with a backyard where we spent many nights around our firepit. We even had a Super Bowl party back there with many of our friends. And when February came, my brother-in-law came to visit us. So you could say that it looked very promising back then. But then we all know what happened. Yes, Corona came, and the world shut down. 

There is some beauty, even in the struggle.

But you know what? As I sit in front of my computer, having some coffee, I’m thinking back on a year that has passed. And I realize 2020 wasn’t that bad. I mean, there were some bad days, but most of them were quite good. Different, but good.

We got to make some excellent friends this year. Think about that. In the midst of Corona, we made some beautiful new friendships. As lucky as we were, one of them lives on a beautiful farm where we got to spend some relaxing days outside. The kids got to run around, and we grown-ups could enjoy some corona-friendly time together. 

Those weekends fueled me up for another week with homeschooling, and they also gave me the feeling of belonging. Looking back, I see that this year has made Miami more of a home to me. We have gotten our very own little squad of people, and I am so thankful for that.

When your family lives on the other side of the Pacific ocean, it feels quite important to be able to go and visit them. And this summer we actually got to do that. The kids and I spent three weeks back home. Even though the circumstances weren’t at all what we expected them to be, I’m so blessed that we got to be with them. For our kids to spend time again with their grandparents, play with their uncles and aunts, and have fun with cousins meant a lot to me.

We made some beautiful memories even in the midst of uncertain times. And when we came back home and my husband picked us up at the airport I felt even more blessed. I felt like I was home. Miami felt like home. I’m not going to lie to you, because there are days when I really miss living back home. But that day it felt really good seeing the beach and the palm trees, and most of all my husband.

Making memories that last a lifetime.

So many things have been different this year. But I’ve learned that different can be good. We’ve celebrated a different but fun Halloween. We’ve had a different, but very welcomed return to school. And face masks have become our new accessories. 

Thinking back on old memories it’s often those times things didn’t go as planned, or those times when something unexpected happened I remember the most. So with that in mind, I think 2020 has given us all some memories that will last a lifetime. 

So as we enter the most magical time of the year and we get ready to enjoy and celebrate, I’m choosing to reflect and look back at 2020 with a grateful heart. We as a family have been blessed in so many ways this past year. Even though there have been times I have cried and felt lost, there have still been more good days than bad ones. 

Another Year Has Passed, Reflecting on What Has Been Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective

And so I’m wishing you a very merry Christmas, and a blessed and prosperous new year. The best is yet to come!!

Blessings from Rachel