19 Best Holiday Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020

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As a Pediatric Speech Therapist, I’m always on the hunt for new toys and games. Sometimes to use in therapy sessions at work, other times to play with my kids at home. And almost all of the time to find recommendations for parents seeking ideas for gifts that help promote child development.

The age of 5 is a crucial point in the development of play in children. According to Sociologist Mildred Parten (in her article published in 1932 on the stages of play which is still being referenced as the standard today), this is when kids enter the phase of collaborative play. This means that their learning and their focus changes to role-play games, negotiation, and teamwork. With this important new play phase in mind, I went on a hunt in the Wicked Uncle toy chest to find some new toys and games for boys in my son’s age group. Ready to see what I found? 

Check out my list of the 19 best toys for 5-Year old boys:

  1. Scavenger Hunt 
  2. Charades for Kids
  3. Blue Mini Hornet – for Bikes and Scooters
  4. Dodgetag – Hit the Target 
  5. I Double Dare You – Book
  6. Wacky Wigglers 
  7. Stinky Pig Game
  8. Yuckology Slime Lab
  9. Crazy Forts
  10. Shark Torch and Projector
  11. Black Glow Art – Neon Drawing Board
  12. Talking Microscope
  13. Wowmazing – Giant Bubble Kit
  14. Life in the Coral Reef
  15. The Human Body Science Kit 
  16. Intro to Engineering
  17. Six Foot Giant Piano Mat
  18. Magneti-Book – Learn to Tell Time
  19. Light Stack Building Block

You’re going to love these toy and gift ideas and so will the 5 year old inn your life!

1. Scavenger Hunt

19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective

Here, adjectives (e.g. red, small, old) listed on the wheel are combined with nouns (e.g. flip flops, action figure, hairbrush) to let you know what you are hunting for. Talk about teaching language in a fun and competitive way. My 5-year-old son truly enjoyed this game. Learn more 

2. Charades for Kids

19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective
Your kid-friendly version of charades. Kids can read the words or action phrases, or pre-readers can use the picture on each card. This game fosters critical thinking and imagination. Be ready to experience creative physical interpretations of everyday words. Giggles included. Learn more
This age group is typically ready to ditch the training wheels. So why not gift a horn that will not only make their bikes safer but also increases the coolness factor? It packs a wide variety of sounds (including UFO and Lion roar) as well as lights. Learn more

4. Dodgetag – Hit the Target 

In all honesty, I like this one for myself. This game is a fun way to introduce my son to a revamped classic I used to play when I was little. Plus, any game that promotes physical activity is beneficial for both kids and adults alike! Learn more 

5. I Double Dare You – Book

Books are always a good gift idea. At age 5, most boys are definitely into all things weird-yucky-eewwy-gross. This book has all that plus some cool monsters. I double dare you to read it and touch. Learn more

6. Wacky Wigglers 

19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective
This build-it-yourself robot is an awesome toy to let imaginations run free while learning how parts like gears and cogs work together. The best part, it also moves around controlled by remote control, and has lights and glow in the dark pieces. Maybe it will nurture a future mechanical engineer. Learn more

7. Stinky Pig Game

A toy that farts?! Sign me up, because 5 year old boys are going to think this is the funniest game ever created. The dice dictates the direction the pig should be passed around. This game is a great way to teach right and left directional skills. Learn more
Every boy loves slime. Besides being fun, it gives them a chance to explore their touch senses. This DIY slim lab comes with everything you need to make slime from common household ingredients. It allows boys to apply the knowledge they have to count, measure, and follow a sequence of directions that results in cause and effect. Learn more 

9. Crazy Forts

19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective
In our household, building tents and forts out of blankets is a weekly activity. With Crazy Forts, you can build endless shapes of forts. All you need is a blanket for the roof and ta-da! Learn more 
It’s like a mini-mobile projector that displays sharks. This is an excellent gift to combine with the previous pick – Crazy Forts. Perfect for cozying up in a pretend tent or a dark room and explore 15 different types of sharks. Bonus – If needed it can also be used as a regular flashlight. Learn more 
Drawing and writing are fine motor skills all 5-year-old boys should be practicing. It’s lots more fun to do with glowing neon colors. Use the clear board to trace shapes and letters for writing skills. Or just let imagination run free for creative art drawings. Learn more
Toys that foster interest in science will always have a place on my recommendations list. With 20 different prepped insect slides, this is the perfect gift for the little scientist in your life. It’s just like a real microscope, except it talks and explains what it is your looking at. Learn more
You can never go wrong with bubbles, especially when they are giant-sized. All you need is dish soap and water to create crazy awesome gigantic bubbles that will wow every kid. When it comes to bubbles – the bigger the better! Learn more 
19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective
This is not your typical jigsaw puzzle. Oh no!! Unlike ordinary puzzles, this one kicks it up a notch by making you look for 17 animals that are hiding in the puzzle. Kids won’t even notice they are working on important skills like shape recognition, concentration, matching, and teamwork. Learn more
Kids learn best through play and doing. At age 5, they typically start examining and analyzing how things work… and that includes the human body. This is a great gift for curious little ones. Plus, it is never too early to impart passion and interest in science. Learn more
19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective
Intro to engineering has never been so much fun and hands-on. This set complete with 21 different experiments will spark every boy’s curiosity to explore and learn early engineering skills. Now if only we can convert those hours of play into college credits. Learn more
19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective  
In all honesty, I picked this item because it reminded me of how I’ve always wanted one of these floor pianos since watching Tom Hanks play one in the movie “Big”. For 5-year-old boys, this brings together musical auditory skills, movement, and coordination. Throw in some real songs and now you’re also working on memory with a fun melody. Learn more
19 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys in 2020 Miami Mom Collective  
Telling time is a skill all kids eventually need to learn. What I like about this item, not only does it teach time, in both digital and analog by the way, but it also teaches kids how to use and follow a schedule. Learn more
It’s like lego on light-up steroids! Just use the power base and stack your way up to endless illuminated shapes. No connections or wires to worry about. I predict light-years of fun with this. Learn more
Whether you’re shopping for your children or planning for the upcoming holidays, remember the words of Psychologist Piaget, “Play is the work of children.” Play, although fun and lighthearted, is an opportunity for children learn new skills.
Special thanks to Wicked Uncle for letting me dabble in their toy chest. Happy toy shopping!
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Cindy Herde
Cindy Herdé is a pediatric speech and language pathologist at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. She has over 15 years of experience working within various clinical settings in the pediatric feeding field. Throughout her professional career she has navigated the developmental feeding journey with countless families, working closely with pediatricians, gastroenterologists, nutritionists, lactation consultants, behavior analysts, and of course, parents and caregivers. Becoming a parent in the spring of 2015 completely transformed her professional perspective. She learned first-hand about the anxieties and concerns that come with parenthood. This shifted her focus from therapy to educating families and providers on how to overcome developmental feeding difficulties. As a result, she established her own pediatric feeding consultancy, /Talk Eat Play/, in 2016. Her articles have appeared in several professional publications as well as media outlets. She is a recurrent speaker at pediatric conventions and also an adjunct faculty member at Albizu University. Born and raised in Aruba, Cindy attended the University of Central Florida – Go Knights! – and has lived in different parts of the country, including Orlando, Boston, and Chicago. She now resides in Coconut Grove with her husband and two children.


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