DIY Party Planning Tips from a Professional Party Planner


Throwing a successful birthday party doesn’t come easy these days. With all of these Pinterest perfect parties, parents have a lot of pressure to fully plan and execute their child’s party. If you can afford a party planner, then, Great! Your problem is solved. However, for those who prefer to DIY, this post is for you!

DIY Party Planning Tips from a Professional Party Planner
A Cowgirl Chic Birthday Party at the Farm

Time is Money

These S’mores trail mix favor bags with a tree bark pencil were the hit of the party!

Give yourself plenty of time to plan this party. If you are planning to be the “One Mom Band,” time is the only thing that is going to help you plan and create everything for the party. Depending on the size of the party, you should give yourself 3-6 months of anticipation. Decide on a budget, then pick a theme. Choosing the theme early on will allow you to encounter decorations and things that are relevant to your party at stores, and if you’re lucky, they may even be on sale or clearance. Work on things such as favor bags, props, table decorations and invitations a little bit each week. Doing this will result in higher quality things and lower stress levels. 

Create a guest list and send invitations out at least 1 month in advance to ensure the best attendance. We all live busy lives, so giving parents enough time to plan will have an impact on the number of guests that RSVP.

Homemade Cookie Stacks, Swan Silhouette painting and paper flowers all made by this Party Planner Mom

Things Worth Spending a Little Extra On…

I have celebrated many birthdays, including my own family’s. Every party is different, but one thing’s for sure, after a party I reflect on what I could have done to make things better.  It always ends up being something that if I would have spent a little bit more more money on, it would have been perfect, and less stressful. Below are two things that are worth every penny.


A delicious paella cooked right in front of you

One thing that is extremely practical and totally worth splurging on is food. Catering for your party will be the BEST decision you can make. No matter what your decide on, taking the work of being in the kitchen will give you more time to add those tiny details that rate your party supreme. We have so many catering options in Miami, it would be silly to not go this route. Here are some catering ideas:

  • Food Trucks
  • Circus Food
  • Mobile Brick Oven Pizza
  • Paella cooked at the party
  • Parrillada Argentina (Grilled Meat cooked by a Chef)
  • Good Ol’ home delivered Pizza


You can’t go wrong with a Bubble Show!

Entertaining kids at any party is the #1 priority, even if you DIY. It’s nice to have games and activities planned, but when it comes to a large crowd, it’s better to hire a professional. The possibilities of children’s party entertainment are endless! Here are some entertainment ideas:

  • Themed characters
  • Bubble Show
  • Face Painting
  • Braid Bar
  • Slime Station
  • Flash Tattoo Station
  • Children’s Entertainer
  • Bounce House or Soft Play
  • Magician

Time to Party

A Swan Soiree

The week prior to the party, contact hired vendors to reconfirm delivery and arrival times. You want to make sure to not leave any room for gray areas.  Little Jimmy would not be a happy camper if he finds out that Batman will not be making a cameo at his birthday party.

On the day of the DIY party, have a game plan ready! Wake up early and delegate jobs to people who are willing to help you. I have issues with this one. I am a control freak when it comes to execution, but sometimes you just have to do like Elsa and Let it Go.  Have someone come at least 1 hour prior to the party so you have time to get yourself and your family ready. This should be part of your game plan because otherwise, you’ll get so deep into setting up, that you won’t realize that the party has started and believe me, it is not pleasant to greet your guests with sweaty gym clothes, no make up on and your hair in a big mess.

Once the party has begun, have fun! Mingle with your guests, and watch your child have fun. All the hard work you’ve put in is right in front of your eyes. Soak in your child’s laughter and watch them play with their friends and cousins. At the end of the day, this was your main goal, to ensure your child’s #partygoals have been met.

The After Party 

Congrats mom, You did it! Everyone loved the party and your child had the best time. Now it’s time to clean. If you rented a place to have the party, cleaning should be covered. However, if you had the party at home, get your cleaning crew and supplies ready. Get as many people as you can on board to help you because this can take you a long time. Get your kids involved so they see the tremendous amount of work it takes to have a party. It might seem unfair to make the birthday girl/boy sweep the floors, but trust me, moms, it will pay off in the long run! 

One last thing. Strengthen your child’s gratitude muscle and have them write “thank you” notes to all of the guests who came to their party. It may seem silly to them, but it will teach them to appreciate things a little more. 

Did you know we have a Party Planning Guide on the Blog? If you are planning to celebrate soon, make sure to visit this super helpful guide! It is full of highly recommended party go-to’s.

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