Calm Down Stories: A New Bedtime Tool For Families

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. Leave it to a mother to invent an App that helps with the bedtime struggle: Calm Down Stories.

Bedtime can be rough. The kids are tired and wound up. You’re tired and run down. That’s why a mom created Calm Down Stories. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store or on Google Play. It features a set of stories created and performed by Alejandra Leibovich.

Calm Down Stories: A New Bedtime Tool For Families


Alejandra Leibovich grew up in Argentina. Moving around a lot meant always being “the new kid,” which left her feeling isolated. She dove into the arts, enjoying drawing and painting. She also enjoyed seaside activities like swimming and fishing. As a child, Alejandra dreamt of being an astronaut. A dream quickly shut down by family.  

Though not as an astronaut, Alejandra launched a successful career. This award-winning artist and animator started her career back home in Argentina, rotoscoping animated characters for the first TV show that combined live action with 2D animation in the country.

After moving to the U.S., Alejandra transitioned into the digital world. She animated cartoon characters at the Cartoon Network and TNT Digital. MTV Networks recruited her to relocate from Atlanta to Miami and re-design the image of Nickelodeon LA (Latin America) as the Senior Art Director. She was also tasked with launching several MTV Network properties: VH1, Logo and Nickelodeon, for the Latin American region. 

Within the first two years under her artistic direction, both VH1 and Nickelodeon achieved record ratings. This led to a growth of 18 Million subscribers achieving 1st place in ratings among young adults, which propelled the network for further expansion into Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

Alejandra also created a series of misfit characters and designs to “Bring out Your Happy,” which she showcased on Mini Coopers at Art Basel. This experience was documented on the feature film, “Hitching a ride on Entropy.” 

In addition to her role as career woman, Alejandra is also mom to a young boy. Calm Down Stories was born out of her struggle to get him to settle down at bedtime. What mom hasn’t been there?!


Calm Down Stories features fantastical characters and storylines that push the boundaries of the imagination and a child’s creativity. It was important to Alejandra that the stories help her son, and the other children who would enjoy it, believe his dreams could truly become a reality. Even something like becoming an astronaut. 

Alejandra records the stories on the fly during bedtime or those early waking hours with her son. She then edits the recordings and adds the music, which she composes. Finally, she uploads them to the App for families to enjoy. With a constant stream of new stories, there is always something to listen to on the App.

“What I like most about the App is that it has a dual purpose: taking parents and kids through an adventure to have next level conversations with each other, while helping to reduce screen time and provoke creativity in a fun, creative and effective way.” – Alejandra Leibovich

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