Finding My Productivity with the Help of College Sitters


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College Sitters Nannies and Tutors Miami Moms Blog ProductivityLet me tell you why I never thought I would use a Sitter Service and why College Sitters changed my mind…

I’ve never left my kids with anyone except for grandparents and a few rare people in my life who qualify as ‘framily’. When the opportunity came about to try a babysitting service, I was hesitant at first. However, after my experience with College Sitters, I have to say I’ve changed my tune.

When I was first offered a sitting service, I wasn’t completely confident leaving my children alone with someone who I didn’t know and they hadn’t met before. So I opted to try the ‘mommy’s helper’ route. I would be around the house getting to tasks that I wouldn’t be able to complete when I’m normally entertaining the kids and I could be there to help the sitter if needed. It turned out that I was able to get more done than I ever imagined. It also turned out that I was not needed at all.

I was really excited to take some time to clean out the mess from the summer and begin the school year with a fresh start. You see, I have what you might call a tote bag problem.

Every time I go out the door, I fill up a tote bag with what we might need. Every time I come back in the door, I dump said tote bag on the dining room table to be dealt with at a “later time.” 

This practice has led to this:

 Finding My Productivity with the Help of College Sitters

I had four hours with the nanny. I figured that I could tackle Tote Bag Mountain in that time. With my current track record of my past five years of motherhood, this seemed like a fairly reasonable expectation. 

Here’s the rundown of the afternoon:

1:00PM Our lovely College Sitter arrives and is ready to go at 1PM on the dot. She’s wearing a shirt and name tag indicating that she’s part of and is warm and friendly. My daughter is napping and so she is able to spend some quality time with my son.  He’s working on making a quiver for his arrows and she sits and down and starts working on it with him.  I begin breaking down the tote bags. 

1:15PM Totebag mountain has already been disposed of. I am in a state of shock. I was able to accomplish in 15 minutes what would normally take me weeks to get to. What next?

I catch a snippet of the conversation my son is having with Oriana. She is engaging and patient, and it really is a pleasure to hear him explain his ideas. He is clearly relishing the attention. 

1:25PM I have successfully unloaded all of the rotting wood edging our garden beds on our neighbor’s trash pile (with permission!). This has been on my to-do list for three years since we moved in…

Oriana and my son are making a comic together. She helps my son sound the words out phonetically while he writes them down.

Not only is she attentive, she’s also educational!

1:30PM I decide that maybe I should do something I could NEVER do with the kids around. An actual home improvement project. I finally paint the concrete walkway in our front patio with the can of paint I bought two years ago. 

2:30PM I’m ……done? Was I really this productive in my past life? I walk in to clean up and reward myself with a popsicle.

Oriana and my son are making a calendar of the year and singing a song about the days of the week.

2:40PM I decide to clean out the car. (More tote bags.) 

2:50PM Car is clean. Time to tackle the kitchen counter.

My daughter woke up from her nap and had no problem being greeted by a sitter instead of me. The three of them are enjoying a popsicle on the patio. 

3:20PM I cleaned off the kitchen counter and sorted through all of my son’s schoolwork from last year, a task I’ve been putting off all summer.

Oriana and my kids are sitting and coloring princes and princesses at the table. 

3:30PM With an hour and a half left, I find that I can no longer avoid the area that most desperately needs my attention— the craft closet. 

Oriana is putting sunscreen on the kids and taking them out in the yard to pick beans in the garden.

3:45 PM Still sorting the craft closet.

Oriana is making actual BALLOON ANIMALS for my kids. Honest-to-goodness BALLOON. ANIMALS.

4PM More craft sorting. 

The kids are finding “fossils” in the sandbox and brushing them off. 

4:15PM Break for an espresso.

Oriana and the kids are “making potions” on the patio.

4:50PM The last of the craft supplies are put up and I throw away a bag this big of junk:

Finding My Productivity with the Help of College Sitters

4:55PM I am all done and basking in the glow of my accomplishments. 

My daughter falls and Oriana offers to sing her the song her mom sings her when she would get hurt.

5PM We say goodbye to Oriana. She gives the kids a drawing she made for them and hands me a note describing their time together.

Finding My Productivity with the Help of College Sitters 

5:05PM “That was really fun. Can we see her next week?” my kids ask.

It goes without saying that I had an outstanding experience with Oriana was kind, patient, and engaging. My kids laughed, learned, drew, created, and were cared for. Additionally, I was able to accomplish tasks on my to-do list I have wanted to do since we moved in. If you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday coming up… please! More time with Oriana!  

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