How I Went From Dreamer to Doer: The Story of a Mompreneur

…I was leaning over a bush and carrying my daughter in my arms as she pooped, while my son was peeing next to us. At that moment, I thought:
Is this what my life is going to be from now on?

5 years ago, I was a SAHM drowning in everyday life. I felt undervalued, invisible, bored, and I was probably near depression. A couple of years before my family had immigrated to the U.S. Since my husband had a travel-intensive job I decided to stay at home to bring a sense of stability into our circle.

On the day that I mentioned above I had had an informal meeting at a friend’s home. She had invited me to have coffee and chat about her women empowering project. I felt fired up by her words and that morning I decided that I would finally start my home business.

How I Went From Dreamer to Doer: The Story of a Mompreneur Macy Calderon Miami Mom Collective However, the way that afternoon transpired made me feel differently. On my way to our afternoon activities I stopped to leave a donation on a Goodwill truck. My car battery died, and we were stranded in an empty parking lot.

While waiting for help to arrive, my son and daughter told me that they need to use the restroom. There was nothing nearby. We couldn’t leave. I wanted to cry! But as any mom would have done, I pushed through the situation and helped my kids. Driving back home, I kept thinking about how powerful I had felt in the morning and how defeated I felt in the afternoon. However, in the end, I realized my inner win:

If I had the strength to handle two kids’ nature calls simultaneously in a deserted parking lot, then I was strong enough to do everything I wanted!

Macy Calderon children

That very day I stopped being a dreamer and became a doer.

Join Us for “From Dreamer To Doer”

My experience as a mompreneur has been so rewarding that it made me want to share it with other moms. This is the reason behind that business mentoring series that I have co-created with Cierra, the Founder of Miami Mom Collective.

The program is aptly called, “From Dreamer to Doer.” We are going to share our experiences along with tips and tricks that help us run successful businesses while still raising our children and caring for our families. This program is for moms who want to invest in themselves, their families, and their business.How I Went From Dreamer to Doer: The Story of a Mompreneur Macy Calderon Miami Mom Collective

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If you are in the same moment that I was 5 years ago or already started your business but want a tribe of moms rooting for you, we are here!

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