GoPeer: The Perfect Tutoring Platform for Every Miami Mom

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Every parent wants the best opportunities for their child so they can do amazing things with their lives. I am no exception. Before my son was born, I had high hopes for him. He was born in the U.S. to a German mom and a Cuban Dad so naturally, I was planning on him becoming fully trilingual. This would open so many opportunities for him in the future. However, the pandemic happened and these plans went down the drain. He was not meeting his speech milestones anymore and he became more and more delayed. I was swamped with work during the lockdown months and needed to entertain him somehow in an educational way. Many parents of “pandemic kids” have reported similar issues. This is why GoPeer is such an amazing developmental platform.

The Perfect Virtual Tutor for Every Miami Mom

I finally got my son back on track language-wise through a lot of extra help. He has caught up a lot and hopefully soon, he will soon be a fluent talker. However, we only achieved this by sacrificing Spanish and German – for now.

In Miami, Spanish is such an important language. It is scientifically proven that it is a lot easier to learn a language early on in life. Therefore, we definitely want him to learn more languages sooner than later. This is why I am so happy that I discovered GoPeer!

GoPeer is a 1:1 online tutoring experience with advanced classroom experiences built into the platform. You can have a tutor within 5 to 30 minutes of signing up. This comes in particularly handy when you need your child to be entertained while you may need a minute to cook, jump on a zoom call or complete a task uninterrupted. Not only will your kids have something to do but they can actually learn something and improve their skills with a qualified live tutor. You can choose from over 150 subjects at GoPeer. I mainly use it to help my son with his English and to learn some basic Spanish. To my delight, they also offer German in the app!

GoPeer - virtual tutoring platform

My Experience with GoPeer

I finally booked my first session with a tutor. She had reached out to me and we scheduled a session for the same day. I explained my son’s needs to her and she was very accommodating and tailored a lesson specifically for his need. She was very patient and my son learned so much. Normally, his attention span is rather short so I was quite impressed that he was able to sit still for an hour!

Afterward, his tutor reached out to me saying she would love to continue tutoring him and even gave me suggestions on what she can do in the upcoming lessons. I will surely take her up on that offer. The GoPeer tutoring lesson gave me the chance to prepare dinner in peace. And instead of just putting my son in front of the TV, he actually learned something and this was a total Mom win!

How to Sign Up

It is extremely easy and quick to sign up on the platform. Once you sign up as a parent, the platform will quickly match you with the perfect tutor for your needs. You can even receive text and email updates to know when qualified tutors reach out to you. You fill in the info on what subjects you need tutoring for, what times work for you, your child’s grade level. It is easy to provide any extra information you want to give such as your child’s special needs or learning goals.

I immediately received messages from three tutors within the first couple of hours of signing up. A lot of them offer a free 15 minute consultation and some even a free trial session. All the tutors are qualified and you can learn more about each one and see their ratings by visiting their profiles.

The rates for GoPeer tutors are outstanding too! In Miami you can pay upwards of $40-60 per hour for a tutor. On GoPeer you can find a tutor for $20 per hour!

GoPeer- virtuall tutoring platforms

Need Extra Support for Your Child’s Learning?

Are you a Miami Mom who wants their kids to improve their Spanish? Or a special needs mom who wants to give their little one extra support? Or maybe your kids just need a little bit of extra push with their Algebra homework? Whatever it is you need, GoPeer covers a variety of topics for kids starting in kindergarten up until 4th-year senior. 

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