A Woman’s Guide to Football

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If you’ve been following my posts on the Miami Moms Blog for any length of time, you probably know several things about me:

  1. I’m a Southern Mama.
  2. Southern hospitality should be taught everywhere. (Ahem, Miami.)
  3. Homemade buttermilk biscuits cure a lot of ailments.
  4. And last, but certainly not least — I’m a strong believer in the game of FOOTBALL! 

I grew up in Alabama where football games are considered to be a religious experience.  You’re either an Auburn fan or you roll with the Tide.  No exceptions whatsoever. 

Everyone gets dressed up for tailgates. (Literally, like you’re going to church.)  You eat the best barbecue you’ve ever tasted, and you have the time of your life cheering for your team.

When Omar and I first started dating, I realized quickly that football would always be a part of our lives – no questions asked.  Even though I’ve been watching football for most of my life, I really didn’t know much about this sport.  It can be hard to understand, right?!  

So I thought it would be fun to put together “A Woman’s Guide to Football” and help you understand the things this sport can teach us.   

The Camaraderie:

I don’t know about you, but I love spending time with my husband.  Yes, I need my alone time, but I’m a big quality timer and crave that time with him. Over the years, I’ve learned that he opens up more when I take a real interest in something that he’s passionate about.  Some of our best conversations have happened while watching football together. 

The Food:

Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Feed your man!  And don’t bring anything “healthy” to a football party.  Bring the dude food – wings, nachos, BBQ, etc.  And don’t forget the beer.  He will love you with an everlasting love.  Trust me on this.

The Questions:

When I really started watching football, I initially had a hard time understanding some of the game.  But as we slowly progressed, I felt more comfortable asking all the questions.  Questions let that person know you’re interested in what interests them.  Open yourself up and learn something new!  But do your man a favor and wait for a commercial to ask all the questions! 

The Triumph: 

Your team may not always win (unless your team is Alabama!), but let me just say, there’s nothing better than celebrating any kind of victory with your man.  It can be a football game, a paid-off debt, a new job, or a vacation you’ve been saving up for.  Celebrate anything and everything together!

The Surprise Getaway: 

When you truly take an interest in something that matters to him, you might get surprised with an awesome trip.  Your man can take anybody to a football game, but nothing is sweeter than when he chooses YOU!

At the end of the day football creates a bond that brings you together.  Maybe it’s just the two of you, or maybe you’re with a group of people.  Regardless, you’re in fellowship with others and that’s what I truly love about the game of football!  

Roll Tide Roll! 

– Whitney


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  1. Love this guide! So many things rang true for me. I definitely agree about the Questions part. I became more comfortable asking them and my husband gets SO excited answering them! He’s a Georgia boy and loves Alabama. My heart is with Penn state and University of Miami. He ALWAYS tries to get me to say Roll Tide! It’s a weekly thing that he is determined to accomplish! and now has fun getting my 3 yr old daughter to run around the house shouting it! Looking forward to football memories with our son and daughter!

    • So glad you enjoyed the guide! We love hearing that your family is creating football memories – even if it is filled with husband wife banter for your teams! 😉 And yes… I have found that my husband and I can really connect during a football game simply by engaging him with questions!

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