Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Alina Freyre


Hi everyone, my name is Alina Freyre (Ali for short) and I have 2 amazing kids, Andy (21) and Gaby (17). And I am proud to be married to my best friend for over 22 years. I am very much looking forward to being a part of this amazing group in my hometown. 

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Alina Freyre Contributor


Born and raised on a small island called Key Biscayne and being first-generation Cuban American has been a blessing. Even though my parents came from Cuba at an early age and my abuelita didn’t raise me, I love the Cuban culture and embrace it with open arms. 

At times I imagine that certain parts of Miami reflect certain similarities to Cuba.  This adds to the fantastic melting pot Miami has to offer. Living in a city that embraces so many different cultures and ethnicities is a blessing. It allows us to pass on traditions to our children along with adopting new ones. 


I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Finding out I was pregnant at an early age was scary and exciting. But when he was born it was the most natural thing I had ever done. However, when I got pregnant with my second I remember thinking, “How can I love my second child the way I loved my first?” But then I gave birth to my daughter… and I can tell you without a doubt, you do!

Being well rounded, respectful and embracing their uniqueness is the proud way I raise my children. Now that my kids are older, they are more than I could have ever imagined they would be.


Contributing my thoughts and experiences on a platform so dear to my heart is beyond exciting. Being a mother and entrepreneur, I hope to provide knowledgable and entertaining content you. I welcome all questions and suggestions so that we can learn from each other.  I hope you all enjoy and thank you for welcoming me!  

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Alina Freyre
Alina is a first-generation Cuban-American Miami native currently living in Coral Gables. She is a mother of 2 remarkable children and has been married to her best friend for 22 years. After spending 18 years in the medical industry, Alina decided to follow her passion of becoming a chef and attended Le Cordon Bleu to take her passion to the next level. She has since owned a catering company that became a bistro as well as authored a cookbook, The Diversified Table with a Latin Twist. Being a foodie that loves to patronize the different restaurants in Miami, she noticed there is an absence of good dessert bars in Miami…voilà, Whipped Sugar was born. Whipped Sugar specializes in Miami and Cuban flavored cookies, including a KETO line. With the heart of her home being the kitchen and the importance of building the best home life for her family Alina is also a real estate agent helping her clients buy a home, not just a house. For more information on Whipped Sugar go to


  1. Love this! Alina, you are a wonderful mom, business woman and friend! One of the nicest and most professional woman I know! I will really enjoy and love following your blog!

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