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Mom Launches Miami Moms Blog to Encourage and Empower Women on Their Motherhood Journey 

Miami Moms Blog Launches to Encourage Empower Moms Motherhood Journey
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Site aims to connect Miami moms through information, insight, and in-person events

July 18, 2018

MIAMI, Fla: Finding encouragement, support and resources from other moms a necessity in her own motherhood journey, Cierra Bragan is paying that concept forward by launching Miami Moms Blog on July 18, 2018. Miami Moms Blog is part of a nation-wide network of mothers, City Moms Blog Network, who aim to provide inspiration, information on local parenting resources, and host events where moms can connect face-to-face.

“Motherhood at its very core is about building a community. We do this every day within our own families,” said Cierra Bragan, Miami Moms Blog Founder & Owner. “However, I feel strongly that a supportive community in addition to our family is necessary to thrive in motherhood. So, I decided to start Miami Moms Blog in order to provide a place where local moms can connect and find the encouragement and resources that they need to succeed.”

Miami Moms Blog will hit the ground running with their launch. Twenty-three local moms have already signed on as contributors and will produce original content each day. Readers will also enjoy local resource guides, business spotlights, product reviews, stories from other moms, giveaways and much more. To provide opportunity for in-person relationships, Miami Moms Blog will host a number of events to connect local moms including: Summer Play Date Series (beginning July 31), monthly Mom’s Night Out events, and Breakfast with Santa (December 1st).

Miami Moms Blog joins nearly 90 parenting resource websites across the country, through City Moms Blog Network. Being a part of this sisterhood of like-minded mom-preneurs, Bragan will have the power of experience at their fingertips.

Miami Moms Blog will not only bring the influence of local information to readers in the Miami area, but it will be tapped into the assets of nearly 90 mom-focused sites across the country,” said Stephanie Flies, City Moms Blog Network founder and director. “Cierra has caught a fantastic vision for the moms in her community and we are ready and excited to support them in this journey with Miami Moms Blog.”

“If we serve even one mom by creating a place for her to find the community and support she needs, that makes all the hard work invested in the creation of Miami Moms Blog absolutely worth it,” said Bragan.

In the coming days and weeks, Miami area moms can look forward to reading upcoming blog topics that include: Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids, Free Family Fun in Miami, Hurricane Season: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Child, and Overcoming Fear in Motherhood. For more information on becoming a contributor, upcoming events or local parenting information, please visit

Miami Moms Blog exists to encourage, equip and empower moms

through relevant content and a meaningful community.


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Cierra is the Owner & Founder of Miami Mom Collective. A Southern girl with Alabama roots, she has lived in California, Israel, China, Texas and Florida. Cierra quickly fell in love with the beauty and diversity of South Florida when she first visited Key Biscayne after reconnecting with (and later marrying!) her high school sweetheart. Before having children of her own, she oversaw more than 100 as the Director of Key Biscayne Presbyterian School. In 2017 she launched into her latest and greatest adventure: motherhood! Cierra is Mama to a joyful 5 year girl, an energetic 3 year old boy, snuggly 1 year old boy, and a smiley baby girl! Her hands and heart are FULL to say the least! Cierra is passionate about leading and developing women to use their unique gifts to serve and encourage others. She founded Miami Mom Collective to encourage, equip, and empower Moms with relevant resources and a meaningful community. Follow her on Instagram to stay connected.


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