Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Rachel Hulsund


Hey Miami Moms, my name is Rachel Hulsund and I’m thrilled to get to be a part of the Miami Moms Blog contributor team!

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Rachel Hulsund Contributor


I was born and raised in Norway, the land of the midnight sun, the Trolls, and brown goat cheese. All very different from the life that we live here. I moved here in July 2019 together with my husband Andreas, and our two kids, Jayden 6 and Olivia 3. My husband and I had been dreaming about getting the chance to move to Miami for years, and so when the opportunity came we took it, and so far we’re loving it. Of course, we miss our family and friends back home, and we love it when they come to visit. Family has always been important to me, so being so far away from them can be challenging. But this was our dream, and I believe you should follow your dreams, they’re given to you for a reason. 

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Rachel Hulsund Contributor

My husband works for Atlantic Sapphire, a company that’s building the world’s largest on-shore fish farm down in Homestead, where they’re producing Atlantic Salmon. Our oldest, Jayden, is in kindergarten and is loving it. Olivia is home with me but is starting VPK next school year. I have been working full-time as a social worker for the past 10 years, so you can say that I’m still adapting to the stay-home-mom life, and I’m getting better at it every day.

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Rachel Hulsund Contributor


I became a mom almost 7 years ago when we welcomed our firstborn, Jayden, into this world. He was a perfect little boy, and he made it very easy for his mom and dad. He could sleep everywhere, was always in a good mood, and those sleepless nights you hear about never came. Three years later Olivia was born, and she was quite the opposite. She’s always up to something, usually, that means something creative. Like coloring the sofa purple, or trying on my makeup. Jaydens more easy-going, hanging out with his friends, riding his bike, or watching YouTube. That never seems to get boring. 

Being a mom means constantly learning new things, and I’m loving it!!

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Rachel Hulsund Contributor


I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing team of Miami moms.  I look forward to getting the chance to inspire all the wonderful moms out there.  If you want you can follow and connect with me on Instagram.


  1. Rachel! So happy you’re on our team! I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family and Norway! I know you have so much great info to share with us Moms!

    I also have a “creative” couch artist in my home! 😉

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