Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Stacey Geiger


Hi Miami Moms! My name is Stacey Geiger and I am so excited to be joining the Miami Moms Blog contributor team!

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes MIA Mom Stacey Geiger
“Sweethawts” (Credit: @claudiastorperphotography_)


I was born and raised in Miami. Although I went to school elsewhere (FSU & UF… I know, I am a walking contradiction especially because I grew up going to UM games), I have never lived out of state. I love living in Miami for mostly the year-round beautiful weather… yes, summers are HOT, but thats what air conditioners are for! My family is also a HUGE reason why I still live here. My mom, dad, and sister live five minutes from us, as well as my husbands family too. 


Miami Moms Blog Welcomes MIA Mom Stacey Geiger
Mason & Skyler (Credit: @claudiastorperphotography_)

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I began to dream about having a little girl. She would be just like me! Love dance, pink, sparkles, barbies, princesses and all things girly… but then, “That’s a penis! Congrats!!! It’s a BOY!!”

How did this cool, calm, and collected girl handle it?? Just like Elle Woods…. Straight to the nail salon! That would be the first day I have ever gotten my nails painted black. I think I was, perhaps, mourning my dreams of ballet recitals and pigtails. However dramatic it may have been, it was my first step into the land of being a BOY MOM.

Shopping dreams have changed. Instead of dresses, we have matching superhero outfits. Instead of frilly sandals, we have matching Adidas sneakers. Boys can dress cute too and that was something that needed to be discovered through the world of retail therapy. The fact that I can at least dress them alike for another few years has my heart yearning for more photo shoots and praying for cooperation.

Now, having two boys has REALLY opened my eyes. We are knee deep in Batman and all things superhero. Daily, you can find me redressing my toddler as Spiderman in between 1000 potty breaks because… POTTY TRAINING (that’s a whole other story), rearranging Gotham City with all it’s villains and about 6 different Batman figures that protect it, and divvying out snacks like there is about to be a Goldfish crisis. This girl has gone from Barbies to Batman, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Miami Moms Blog Welcomes MIA Mom Stacey Geiger
Geiger Family (Credit: @claudiastorperphotography_)

I am incredibly excited to be part of the Miami Moms Blog team and explore the world of blogging. I have always wanted to write about the things I love… including my boys, all things baby/kid gear, carseat safety, kids clothes, traveling with tots, etc. and now I get to do it with this amazing group of women by my side! I can’t wait to share with all of you and grow as a mommy and a new blogger.

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