MommyDeals: Saving Families Time and Money

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mommydeals miami moms blog

Have you ever wanted to find the best deal online but simply didn’t have the time to scour the Internet? MommyDeals is here to handle that search for you, saving you time and money. More on that but first, let’s have a look at the woman behind the site.

MommyDeals: Saving Families Time and Money Miami Moms Blog Becky Salgado

A self-proclaimed “Domestic Engineer” — now that is a title we can get behind! — Carly Khabinsky is a wife, mother and now business woman. She graciously credits her husband, a software engineer, with having done all the grunt work for the site, though she is now the one running it, while he still provides tech support. 

The South Florida Native

Carly grew up in Boca Raton and after a year in Israel, she and her husband moved to North Miami Beach where they currently reside with their family. 

The Wife

Carly and her husband have been married for a decade. Though life has evolved after having kids, they still make it a priority to go on regular dates. Sometimes that means dinner. Other times it’s simply running errands together, but it’s always sans children. She notes how important it is to still get that one-on-one time often lost after having children. In life and in business, they’re a true team. 

The Mother

A mother to four, ages 2, 4, 6, and 8, Carly is a strong believer in the proverbial village, noting she burst into tears the first time someone from her tight knit group called her as a new, first-time mom to see if she needed anything from the grocery store. She calls having children “difficult and delicious.” Aware of just how quickly they grow up, she takes it all in, tapping into her patience, village, and husband for support. When even going to the bathroom alone is a struggle (#momlife), she points out the importance of “me” time…something all of us as moms need more of!

MommyDeals: Saving Families Time and Money Miami Moms Blog Becky Salgado

The Businesswoman

Raising kids is not cheap. Carly and her husband have been purchasing diapers for the last 8 years. We all know how costly that can be. As a parent, she understands the importance of saving money on the basics noting that, “Life is expensive. Saving on diapers is like gold!”

She and her husband now run a website called MommyDeals. You sign up to join their WhatsApp group and Facebook page and receive notifications of amazing Amazon deals as they arise. They are often time-sensitive, so it’s a lower price you’d likely have missed were it not for the MommyDeals notifications. If you’re looking for something in particular — Carly recently received a request for a well-priced tent, which she found — she’ll do the legwork and find you the best deal. Simply send her a message with what it is you’re searching for. Now, rather than spend countless hours online looking for a bargain, the bargains come to you. 

She loves the quote, “If you’ve got a lot on your plate, get a bigger plate.”  Something she has certainly done with this new endeavor. She balances it all by staying focused, organized and making lists. Juggling it all isn’t easy. When asked what advice she’d give to other moms who are looking to start their own venture she enthusiastically says, “Go for it!” A great reminder that as women, we can be wives, mothers, businesswomen and still ourselves — something that is so easily lost during this season of our lives. 

To start saving time and money, be sure to check out the MommyDeals website! For more ideas on how to save your family money check out this post

mommydeals miami moms blog

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