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Miami Moms Blog continues to honor #MomsOnTheFrontline with an editorial content series featuring outstanding Moms. This week we are excited to highlight the work of Rochelle Ming, Director of Emergency Services at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center. 

As a Mom of 3 boys (ages 17, 8 and 6) “hard work” is something that Rochelle understands well. Read more about her experience and the hard work happening on the frontline.

Join us in honoring Moms on the frontline by using #MomsOnTheFrontline. Without further ado, we introduce you to Rochelle Ming. 

Rochelle Ming, Director of Emergency Services at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center

Moms On The Frontline Rochelle Ming Aventura Hospital

Can you tell us about your work? 

I oversee Emergency Services, including ER Physicians and Nurses at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center. We are also a Level II Trauma Center.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

There is so much focus on COVID19 while still maintaining a sharp focus on other emergency service needs of the community, such as responding to traumas, stroke alerts, cardiac arrests, and other intentional and unintentional injuries. You want to anticipate staff needs before they happen. We reach out to our counterparts in NY to make sure we stay ahead and have what is needed in place to be ready as we can be. COVID-19 has taken the forefront of everything and we prepare our teams daily and continue to provide a safe ER environment for non-COVID19 patients seeking care for other emergency services.

How has the global pandemic influenced your family and/or affected your life personally?

It is balancing home and work now. The homeschooling. You always have two jobs but now you have to have a full 100% mind-occupying job and another 100% attention to meet the needs of your kids. Maintaining your senses is at the forefront.

How has being a mother influenced your work?

I treat everyone like I would like them to treat my kids.

What is it like serving everyday on the frontlines? 

It is tiring and exhausting because you hope you do not miss something. There can be anxiety because you are waiting for the floodgates to open and be like NY. Anxious mode to get to that point…mentally exhausting…everything that you have learned as a nurse comes into play while also staying fluid to necessary changes to adapt to the current environment. In addition, the added stress of making these changes while maintaining safety for your nurses and patients.

What acts of kindness or encouragement have you seen during this time?

Teammates’ willingness to look out for each other, pick up shifts, help with child support. Give up PTO for those who do not have. Teammates going above and beyond for each other outside of work by sharing where supplies may be available so that others can buy too; looking out for each other. Also, the tremendous outpouring of community support for our frontline workers.

What encouragement do you have for Miami Moms during this time?

Moms, we are resilient. This is not the first or second thing we have seen. We will get through this too because we are in this together like we always are. We are resilient. “This too shall pass.” Take it day by day, it is about all you can do. “And, check on your friends. You can have your moments but check on your friends…we all cry.”

Life can feel really “heavy” these days. Let’s wrap up our time with 3 things that really make you smile!

My staff being happy and content. My family being happy. When I get to spend time with my kids. As long as everyone is happy, I am happy.

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