Theme Week: Summer Edition

Theme Week: Summer Edition Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Summer Fun

Well, we are still home… and we are still thinking of fun things to do with the kids. Since Theme Week: Your Spring Break Contingency Plan was such a hit, we have decided to bring you the next season… Welcome to Theme Week: Summer Edition!!

Mommy Summer Camp is in full swing and I know I am not the only one yearning for some fun. Here are a few ideas you can do as a family at home this summer. Do as much or as little as you want. There is no pressure… just HAVE FUN!!

Monday- Summer Safari Monday

Dress in your best safari outfit and get ready to have fun with animals without leaving your house!

*Snack of the Day:

Animal Crackers (sing it with me… “Animal cra-ckers in my soup…”)


Theme Week: Summer Edition Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Crafting a giraffe
  • Craft a giraffe
  • Make binoculars- take two empty toilet paper rolls and decorate them. When done, glue them together. Then take a hole puncher and make one hole on the outside of each tube. String a string through and viola! You have binoculars!
  • Visit Zoocademy from Zoo Miami 
  • Read/Watch Giraffes Can’t Dance
  • Find all of your stuffed animals and create your own zoo tour! Sort your animals by category and then create your own map with crayons/markers and paper.
Theme Week: Summer Edition Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Safari Day

Tuesday- Taste the Rainbow Tuesday!

Wear your favorite tie-dye shirt/outfit… you know you made some during quarantine already!

*Snack of the Day:

Skittles (this is not sponsored)


Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Skittles Experiment
  • Skittles experiment
  • Ice painting- All you need is an ice cube tray, water, food coloring, popsicle sticks. Fill an ice cube tray with water (don’t overfill). Add a small drop of different food coloring to each cube. Cut a popsicle stick in half. Use the flat edge side to mix the water and food coloring. Leave the popsicle stick inside. Freeze overnight. Paint outside or on watercolor paper.
  • Colored bubble printing- Fill 4 bowls with bubble solution and a few drops of paint. Mix them well. Then stick a straw in and blow bubbles. Once the bubbles are full, place a sheet of paper over the bubbles to catch them overflowing over the bowls. Congrats! You just printed bubbles! 
  • Create your own rainbow
  • Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt- Find one item that is each color of the rainbow
  • Create marbled shaving cream- Fill a bin with shaving cream. Drop a few droplets of food coloring all around and then let the kids use paintbrushes to smush around the colors
  • Make rainbow rice. For extra fun… add letters of the alphabet for a search and find activity.
Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Rainbow Rice

Wednesday- Space Out Wednesday

Wear your “spaciest” outfits! Stars, spaceships, Star Wars, etc!

*Snack of the day:

Freeze-Dried Fruit


Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Thursday- Carnival Day

*Snack of the day:

“Popcorn” cupcakes


  • Face/body painting- grab some face paint and channel your inner creative clown.
  • Popcorn Stamping Craft- Cut out pieces of construction paper to create the popcorn bin. Then, using cotton balls as the stamper, pour yellow and white paint onto a plate or tray. Have your little one dip the cotton balls into the paint and then stamp onto a paper above the popcorn bin you created.
  • Bucket/Basket Ball Toss- Collect a bunch of buckets or baskets. Have your little one try to toss the ball into each bin. For older kids, you can make each bucket or basket worth points. 
  • Create the ring of fire and jump through (not with actual fire please!) 
  • Walk the tight rope- Using masking tape or painters tape, make a long line on the floor. Walk the “tight rope” without falling off
  • Call your favorite ice cream or shaved ice truck to come deliver to your house for a fun treat!
Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Friday- Summer Olympics

Wear red, white, and blue to show off your USA pride or the colors of your favorite country, or sports team. 

*Snack of the day:

Red, White, and Blue popsicles OR a cup of strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream… YUM!


  • Make an Olympic Torch
  • Water Balloon Tag
  • Do an egg toss
  • Play the game “Holes”- Place colored hula hoops or different floor markings. Have someone call out a color and everyone has to run to that “hole”
  • Create an obstacle course inside or outside and time each child to see who can complete it the quickest
  • Create your own fireworks in a bowl to top off the week- Fill a clear bowl or jar with water. Then, pour 1 tbsp of vegetable oil into a bowl. Add several drops of food coloring to the oil. Use a fork to whisk the food coloring and oil together. Once mixed, pour the food coloring and oil mixture into your jar and watch your fireworks!
Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Fireworks in a bowl

I hope everyone has an amazing summer and these fun ideas help to make at least one more week exciting for you and your littles! Don’t forget to tag @miamimomsblog in your theme week activity photos… we can’t wait to see you having fun!

Happy playtime Miami Moms!!




  1. Love it! This week is Safari themed in our house so we’ve got all our Safari things out for learning. Today is in the bag! We’re gonna prep for the rest of the week!

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