Theme Week: Your Spring Break Contingency Plan


This post was originally written in March 2020, but these spring break theme week ideas continue to be a hit!

Theme Week: Your Spring Break Contingency Plan Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Sunset at the Beach

So, your spring break plans got canceled… you are super bummed and worried that you and your kids are going to be “SO BORED!” Social distancing is real and your littles are yearning for playtime with friends. I know it is hard, but it’s time to get CREATIVE! So, here are a few ideas you can do as a family at home during this crazy time. Think “Mini-Camp” at home! Come up with a daily schedule for the week of activities to keep the kids busy and engaged, while still having some fun.

Monday- “Mickey Monday!”

Mickey Monday Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Were you going to take a trip to the parks and now it’s canceled? This is the perfect day for you. Why? Because you already have ALL those matching Disney-themed outfits! Dress in your favorite Disney gear, blast Disney Radio, and have a “magical day!”

Snacks of the Day:

  • Mickey Waffles
  • Goofy’s Hot Dogs (Sing it with me… “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…”)
  • Clarabelle’s Cinnamon Buns


  • Bake Minnie & Mickey Cupcakes 
  • Watch fireworks and/or parades at Disney on YouTube
  • Disney+ marathon
  • Mickey-themed art project- a fun one, use a paper towel or toilet paper roll (we should all have plenty by now), dip in paint and make a mickey shaped head
  • Freeze Dance- play Disney music while playing a classic game!

Tuesday- Adventure Time Tuesday

Theme Week: Your Spring Break Contingency Plan Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Chalk Colored Tree

Wear camo gear and get ready to play as if you were exploring on your camping adventure!

Snack of the Day:

S’mores (There is no need for a fire pit, but bonus points if you have one… JEALOUS!! You can easily microwave them too!)


  • Make a campfire out of tissue paper and a flashlight. Sit around the “fire” and tell stories
  • Use your couch pillows and blankets to build a tent
  • Sing songs
  • Explore your backyard and use your senses to hear sounds, smell, feel the different textures of leaves, branches, tree trunks, etc.
  • Collect leaves, put leaves under a piece of paper and use a crayon to create designs by rubbing the crayon over the leaves
  • Use chalk to decorate your trees

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday!

All things silly happen on Wednesday! Dress in your wackiest outfits… mismatch your socks, wear something backwards, etc. Eat the wackiest foods (spaghetti with syrup anyone??) and have the wackiest fun!

Snack of the day:

Mix a bunch of favorite snacks together for a wacky mixture!


  • Bathtub boat races- use a floatable cup or piece of a pool noodle to create a boat and blow with a straw across your tub
  • Silly string fight
  • Slip and slide
  • Backwards obstacle course- create a fun obstacle course and do it backwards!

Thursday- Theater Thursday

Wear your favorite costumes and prepare for a performing arts day!

Snack of the day:

Popcorn or Pirates Booty


  • Build your own theater stage (think pillow platform with “curtains” on the sides)
  • Watch your musical from Broadway at home 
  • Act out your favorite movie or show or your new stage
  • Create a dance and perform it to your favorite songs
  • Listen to kid-friendly theater music

Friday- Superhero Friday

Theme Week: Your Spring Break Contingency Plan Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Spidey Fam

Dress as your favorite superhero and soar through the day! 

Snack of the day:

Superhero Strawberry Milkshake (this can be an activity to do together)


  • Superhero obstacle course- While in costume, create an obstacle course and then run through it. Race for the fastest time! Use chairs to create tunnels to army crawl through, pillows to bounce off of, cushions to “fly” onto, etc.
  • Make your own cape & mask- Tape construction paper together and create a SUPER design!
  • Play Superhero Bingo 

I hope this helps get everyone through one more week of time at home with the kiddos! Remember to take a big breath… have fun and be silly! Since you are LOVING the themes (I know you are!)… Here are a few more themes you can work with too:

  • Pajama Day
  • Pirate Day
  • Camping Day
  • Wild West/ Cowboy Day
  • Circus Day
  • Outer Space Theme Day
  • Monsters Theme Day
  • Animals Day

Need more spring break activity ideas or have some fun ones to share? Please reach out… I would love to hear from you!! Happy spring break Miami Moms!!




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