Tools for Practicing Soul Care When More is Being Demanded of You


I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I see messages about how to maximize productivity now that we have “more time” and think to myself, “More time? As a mother, my life feels like someone pressed the fast forward button and shifted gears to overdrive.” This is exactly why I’m sharing a few practical tools for soul care!


I don’t have more time, but I do have more of this: More laundry, more homemade meals to make, more of my attention needed from my inquisitive almost-4-year-old for more time throughout the day, more parenting moments, more teaching to do, more demand as an entrepreneur, more sugar and carbs than usual, more of my husband’s attention needed at work. More emotional and physical bandwidth required from me. I’m 100% on for more time.

Y’all I’m tired before I even begin my day! How about you, momma?

More is being demanded from our bodies and our minds than ever before and although our bodies are amazing and powerful, we weren’t made to live in a constant state of doing more of all the things at the same time.

Disclaimer: I have so much to be grateful for and believe me, I am! Like many of you, I’m a grateful, yet tired momma these days! However, there are practical steps that we can take to help ourselves process all of the simultaneous demands we have on my lives right now. After all, we’re in this together!

Tips for Soul Care: Janelle Fuente

Soul Care + Self Care

So what does this mean for you and me? It means that now more than ever, we need to take good care of ourselves, sister. If you know me, you may have heard me say that, “Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a responsibility.” And, while I’m not here to add one more thing to your plate, I promise you this: soul care is one practice that will leave our hearts refreshed + renewed. 

Okay, I’m down. How do I do this?

Let’s start on the inside. Most of us would agree that we can do all of the facial masks we’d like (and you know ya girl right here likes a good facial mask), but if the inside of us isn’t sorted out, then no mask in this world will give us the sense of renewal that we seek- no matter how dewy and glowy it leaves our skin. Let’s shine from the inside out, sis.

In a time of high tension and daily emotional rollercoasters, I’m going to give you a few questions that we can ask ourselves on the weekly or as often as you need it. Look at it as soul care tools to have in your soul care arsenal.

Tools for Soul Care: Janelle Fuente

Soul Care Questions

Press pause for yourself for 15 minutes and make this a nice moment for yourself. This moment is 100% for you.

1. How are you? Be honest + unfiltered. Here’s some good news: no one is going to see your answers. These are for your eyes only. 

2. How are you feeling? Use descriptive words. Put a name to what you’re feeling.

3. What do you need right now? This is not what your family needs or what anyone else needs, the question is about you. Be honest with yourselves because there is gold in this answer. (You might even find that this might change depending on your season of life or even your menstrual cycle.)

4. What gives you life? No rules here. This can be little and trivial things or simple and deep things. Does a certain sweet treat put a smile on your face, enjoy a quiet moment alone or time with your significant other? Write it all down.

5. Review + Schedule. Review your answers for question #4, you might even notice that you repeat some of the answers or find a common theme. Highlight the stuff that jumps out at you, the stuff that most excites you and the most doable things.

Lastly, plug the things that you highlighted into your weekly plans. (Don’t look at me like that, do it girl!) This part is just as important as going through the questions above. Let these things that bring you life take up real estate in your calendar. Allow them to be a priority because you are a priority. ❤️

Tools for Soul Care : Janelle Fuente

Extra Tools For Ya!

BONUS! Wish this was all laid out in a pretty handout? You’re in luck, it’s right here. (The backside even includes a few DIY at-home facial mask recipes that you can make with pantry items you may already have!)

BONUS #2: Here’s another free tool for ya! Music has been giving me life lately so I put together a playlist called “Peaceful Pandemic” on Spotify and on Apple Music. It’s my personal playlist and it’s filled with music meant to uplift and point us to faith and comfort. 

I hope these resources serve you during these hard, but promising times, friend.



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Janelle Fuente
Meet Janelle, a native Miamian, lively personality with contagious kindness and a lover of early morning quiet moments with a hot cup of dark coffee. She’s an advocate of pressing pause on the daily hustle to enjoy life and the people right in front of us. After building a career she adored in hospitality and marketing, she made some hard career moves once she became a momma. She’s now growing daily on the entrepreneur journey, creating a life she’s able to savor. She invites you along as she shares her favorite hospitality and small business finds across Miami and as she shares self-care knowledge, tips and tricks. She chases hard after serving her community through her work and leaving something of worth behind for the next generation. She’s a wife to husband, Gio, and momma to Olivia and Jayce. You’re invited to hang out with them @presspauseandsavor on Instagram!


  1. Great tips! Thanks for reminding us that caring for our souls is a wonderful get-to-do that fuels us to do all the have-to-do’s.

  2. Thanks so much…although I don’t have littles in the house I need this too. ?‍♀️❤️

  3. “Self Care is not a luxury, it’s a responsibility.” Ah! Can’t get enough of that! Thank you for reminding me I’m not the only one with MORE on my plate.

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