Keeping Routines While in Quarantine


What a crazy couple of weeks this has been. I don’t think any of us saw this coming. It’s so unreal, and at times it’s difficult to take it all in. But while we’re all working together to win this war, we’ve just got to make the best out of it. We’re all in this together! 

You got this.

This quarantine life can be challenging. It’s a difficult situation for everyone, and I think that especially us moms can feel a little overwhelmed. It sure can be a lot when you all of a sudden have to be a teacher while also having to take care of a toddler or a baby. At the same time, you’re gonna do all the cleaning and the laundry. And then you are trying to keep up on the news, follow all the guidelines that they give you, and stay sane. It can be a lot for all of us. But I’m confident that we’re gonna get through this.

I love routines!

So to help you out a little I’m here to give you some tips on how to make the best out of it. I’m a strong believer in routines. I’m not sure if I’ve always loved them, but after having kids I definitely do! They make life so much easier. Not just for us moms, but also for the kids. They know what’s next, and what’s expected of them. And during this whole quarantine time, routines can also help them make the days more meaningful.

My first tip for you is to get up early, get dressed and put on make-up as if it was a normal day. Becky Salgado, who’s a part of the Miami Moms Blog team has this very cool thing. Every morning she posts a picture on her story with the hashtag #cuteforquarantine, and she encourages others to do the same. If you haven’t already you should check her out here.

Keeping Routines While in Quarantine Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Make yourself a cup of coffee and have some me-time before you wake up the kids. I like to sit in the kitchen and listen to some music or watch the news. Lately, I’ve been playing Bethel with Way Maker a lot. That song gives me the boost I need to keep it going, and believing that He got this. Even when I may be feeling like it’s the end of the world.

Copy their school day routines.

Sunday before the first week of this homeschooling I got a great tip from one of my favorite persons on Instagram, @geridelvento. She had made her daughter a homeschool schedule. I immediately fell in love with the idea. So I copied it and made one for Jayden. I made it quite big and put it on our fridge so that he sees it. It makes it easier for him to keep track of what to do, for how long, and what comes next. 

Keeping Routines While in Quarantine Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Moms Blog

I had this idea that if I make Jayden do the most boring things first, the rest of the day will go smoother. So far that has seemed like a good plan. After lunch, I have a fun activity for both him and his sister. It’s important to do something the both of them can do together. Because let’s be honest. Being a teacher while having a very active 3-year-old can be challenging.

Keeping Routines While in Quarantine Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Moms Blog

One thing I think is very important is to separate the “school-day” from his free-time. So I always make sure that he has finished all his schoolwork at the same time he normally gets out of school.

Include the small ones too.

I actually think this whole quarantine has been more difficult for Olivia than her brother. She’s used to being home with me, but now everything is upside down. And she doesn’t understand why.

So to keep her busy I have been giving her different “school-work” to make her feel included. It can be practicing to write her letters, painting, drawing or other things I know she likes. But sometimes I just have to give her my phone, because I need her to be quiet, and that always seems to work. During these times you can’t be too hard on yourselves, so it’s fine to let them watch both TV and your phone a little more than they usually do.

Keeping Routines While in Quarantine Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Toddler painting Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Don’t forget about yourself.

I know that it can be challenging to have the kids around you the whole day. Some more than others need to be able to have some personal time. I’m one of them! That’s why I think it’s super important to keep the night routines. I get that it can be tempting to let the kids stay up a little longer. Because let’s be honest, it’s not like they need to get up early the next day. But I have found that the time between them going to sleep and myself going to bed is where I can rest. And not to mention spend some time alone with my husband. I, and frankly both of us, need that time. Last night we sat in the kitchen, listened to music, talked and laughed a lot. Those evenings give me the strength and energy I need to be the best mom I can be during these strange times. 

I hope some of this can help you get through the next weeks. And hopefully, we can get back to normality sooner rather than later. Until then stay home and stay safe. You got this, even though it sometimes feels like you don’t.

Blessings, Rachel



  1. Routines have always work so well with my family. And in times of quarantine, it’s what’s keeping up enjoying our new normal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post, Rachel! Having a routine brings a small sense of normalcy. And thanks for the shout out 😉 I’ve loved your #cuteforquarantine IG Stories!

  3. Yes and yes! Routine is so essential for kids and parents too! Loved this. Also enjoyed the #cuteforquarantine idea… I need to get on that one as I have been letting go of my appearance lately but there’s something so special about taking out some time for self care. Thanks for the reminder.

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