5 Resources to Build Your Child’s Faith


For the momma that wants to build her child’s faith in Jesus, here are 5 fun and effective resources for you and your littles… the first 3 are even free! 

5 Resources to Build Your Child's Faith Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Mom Collective

LifeKids Bible Adventures on YouTube

This is one YouTube channel that I’m okay with my daughter exploring. The LifeKids Channel is produced by Life.Church. As you know, there is an abundance of great quality shows produced for kids and this is no exception. I appreciate this because it means that my child is fully engaged. She’s learning about a topic that’s important to us as a family. They publish fun, age-appropriate videos for kids ages birth to 6th grade. They also offer FREE family resources to partner with parents to build their child’s faith in Christ. 

Listener Kids Music

Listener Kid songs make for a great impromptu dance party! My favorite thing about them is that they assure kids about God’s great big love for them. They also emphasize their value in Him. I love to see my daughter praising God at the top of her lungs, building her confidence and thoroughly enjoying herself while doing so. Listener Kids Music is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music! 

Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids includes interactive videos, curriculum, and fun activities like digital painting and other games to build your child’s faith. The illustrations are awesome and the app is very engaging. I recently found that they also offer companion resources for parents such as printable coloring pages, adventure books, and discussion guides for parents! 

Jesus Storybook Bible

There are so many bibles for children available out there, but the Jesus Storybook Bible has to be one of our favorites. This kids’ bible tells the stories of the Bible in an easy way for parents to explain to our kids. The illustrations are beautiful. And they intrigue my daughter in such a way that spur her on to ask questions. (Which make for great conversation starters!) The tagline of the book is Every Story Whispers His Name. So each story points to God’s character and the need for Jesus in our lives.

Bible Belles Collection 

My daughter knows her Disney princesses like the back of her hand (and I’m thoroughly enjoying this stage right now). But it got me thinking. If she likes to learn about fictional female characters, she’d probably be intrigued by the strong women of the Bible and the legacy they’ve left behind. However, I was at a loss as to how to teach her about these women in a fun way… and then I found the Bible Belles Book Collection.

5 Resources to Build Your Child's Faith Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Mom CollectiveTheir storylines are intentionally crafted with the intention of teaching our daughters about virtuous characteristics like the power of prayer, patience, loyalty, and leadership. The historic personalities of Ruth, Deborah, Abbigail, Hannah, and Esther come to life. And they are designed by a former Disney animator. They even have a cute plush doll so that our girls can have a new play buddy. This site is founded by a momma for moms of daughters and they offer plenty of free parenting resources as well! 

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  1. We just finished reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible, and my kids love it! I’m looking forward to checking out the other things you mention. Thanks so much, Janelle!

    • So awesome to hear! The Jesus Storybook Bible is great. I hope the other resources serve your family well, Becky!

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