Being a Sports Mom


3 pee wee league football players taking a knee on the field

Sports mom? That’s a dad’s bonding time, I don’t have time for that, I don’t like sports, etc. Many of us moms say that, but we’re looking at it wrong. Let me tell you a little about my experience. I have 3 kids and boy is it hard to juggle work, being a mom, and homework. And now we’re adding sports. It’s easy to say that’s Daddy duty. But why should dads have all the fun and memories?

My son wanted to play sports–here we go peewee football. Then it was I wanna play basketball, then baseball, a Spartan run. Throw into the mix one of our daughters wanted to play softball in the school league. Guess what guys I became the ultimate sports mom. I hauled a cooler, lawn chair, snacks, and umbrella of course in case it rains; hey it’s Miami.  So let me explain a little about why I’m telling you all this.

Little league baseball players

Cheer Moms, Ballet Moms & Sports Moms

There are cheer moms and ballet moms, but then there are sports moms. Sports moms have such a different role. I myself didn’t understand the hype of a sports mom. Wow, what a feeling it is though. 

Natasha Arias, a team mom

Being a sports mom means being your child’s number one fan–even if you’re not into the sport they are doing. The biggest memory your child will have won’t be the homerun he or she made when they were 10. It won’t be the touchdown they made when they were 12, or the winning basket, etc. It will be my mom was always there cheering me on.

Natasha's daughter playing softball Natasha's daughter with her softball team

An Amazing Feeling

Being a sports mom is such an amazing feeling. You get to yell and cheer for your child. Spend quality time with them taking them to practices and games. Even after games celebrating a win or being there and cheering them up after a loss. The emotion of a win or loss is such an important part of life because it teaches your kids how to deal with things. Having you go through those emotions with them is a great bonding experience.

Being a supportive sports mom is different than just being a supportive mom. If you’re able to sign up to be a team mom, I say do it! I did, and it takes the role to a whole new level. You’re part of the team and your child will always remember that. Mom was my number one supporter not just in school or me wanting to play, but my mom cheered me on.

Some think that sports are just a dad and child bonding experience. But it’s not–it’s a family bond. You get to meet other moms that are cheering their kids on and you create a family unit. My son now is 17 and he doesn’t remember when he scored, or when he got that runner out. He remembers Mom always being there on the sidelines yelling his name and that to me means the world—more than winning any game.

Boys playing basketball

So be the sports mom everyone talks about. Because your child will talk about it as they get older and tell others they were in sports. Now don’t get me wrong… if your child doesn’t play sports, find something else they are into and be their supporter. Be that cheer mom or that ballet mom. Whatever it is just be that mom by their side whether you’re into it or not.

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Natasha Arias
Natasha was born and raised in Miami, FL. She is a proud UPS wife to a very hardworking husband. She is a proud mom of 3 magnificent kids: Nicole (23), Kaytlin (20), and Steven (17). She loves spending time with her family and going on vacation… who doesn’t?! She owns a small business called Limitless Tee Co. It started off as a hobby but took off into what it is today. She’s also on Etsy. She has had the business since 2019. A fun fact about her is she’s a huge I Love Lucy fan and collector, as well as a funko pop collector. She loves curling up on the couch with her husband and playing video games till late hours. She’s also a devoted fan of the New England Patriots and looks forward to football season. Life threw her a curveball when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2012, so she believes in living life to the fullest. She’s a firm believer that “Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does,” and that’s something she has instilled in her kids. Follow her on IG @limitlesscouple305.