Moving with Children: 4 Helpful Tips


Whether it’s moving across town, the state, or even the country, going through the process and adjusting to the change can be hard on anyone. Especially young children. It can be difficult for them to understand the reasons why and add unnecessary stress.

As a realtor I have helped multiple families move over the years and have seen first hand what it’s like for their little ones to adapt. Things do not always go as planned and it can be almost impossible to eliminate all of the challenges of moving with children, but here are a few helpful tips to ease the process.

First things first, talk to your kids about the move

Giving them a heads up and discussing the process with them is important. It gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get a better understanding of what’s ahead. You can even include them in some of the decisions and ask them for their input. It will help them feel like they have more control and stability.

Visit the new neighborhood

If you have the luxury of visiting your new neighborhood throughout the process, do so! Grab a bite at a local restaurant. Find the nearest parks, libraries, museums and show them around. This will give your little ones a better sense of their new surroundings and all the activities they will be able to do once you’ve moved.

Image: A mother sitting at the playground while her children play (Moving with Children: 4 Helpful Tips Jessica Socarras Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Finding the right school in your new district

Starting a new school is probably the scariest part for them. They will be leaving behind all of their friends and having to start all over in a new environment. If you are moving with children within the state of Florida, The Florida Department of Education is a great website to help you find all the schools within your new district. Once you’ve found the right one, schedule a walk-through to help settle their nerves before their first day.

Image: Two girls working side-by-side in a classroom (Moving with Children: 4 Helpful Tips Jessica Socarras Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Packing and Unpacking

Wanting to stay organized, while also getting everything packed on a limited time schedule can be overwhelming. It is best you leave packing up your children’s rooms for the very end. This will help them keep as much normalcy as possible while you are busy packing everything else. Rule of thumb, the last boxes loaded on the truck are always the first ones unloaded. So, you’ll be able to get started on their new rooms from the very beginning and help them feel as comfortable as possible during the transition. 

Image: A father and mother sitting on the floor with their daughter, surrounded by moving boxes (Moving with Children: 4 Helpful Tips Jessica Socarras Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

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