Our Kids’ Emotions and the Quarantine


We are always talking about how easy or hard it has been to stay at home as moms and dads during the quarantine. How we had to master many skills to be chefs, moms, executives, teachers, and many other roles for our kids, all at the same time. We talk about our emotions but do you understand your kids’ emotions?

Have you taken a minute to think about how hard it has to be for our little ones trying to manage their own anxiety and emotions from being at home for so long, without understanding what is happening? 

I am sure that every parent has done the best they can! But the truth is that sometimes we assume that as kids they just have to behave, or if they are too little that they don’t even realize the changes in their environment.

The Real Understanding

Our children understand more and are more aware of what is happening around them than we imagine. Therefore, it is important to always talk to them and explain what is happening, to give them greater peace of mind. It is important that from an early age we value our kids’ emotions and provide them with tools so that they know how to understand and express them.

These are the bases for them to grow up as emotionally healthy adults who know how to channel their rages, fears, and anxieties correctly. Additionally, all our emotions are projected onto them. This is why we often feel that they are fussier just when we least need it. But many times the cause of that crying is the projection of our own anguish.

Our Kids' Emotions and the Quarantine Daniela Naime Contributor Miami Moms Blog

My Own Adventure

In my case, in the first weeks, I was having a really hard time trying to fulfill all my tasks at the same time while trying to be the best teacher and mom I could. But after a big breakdown, I realized that at the end of the quarantine my kid won’t remember the coronavirus. Instead, she will remember the time shared with her parents.

So I stepped aside from my workaholic controller side! I also realized that my kid wasn’t left behind in her development at school. And the teachers will take charge later.

My Love for Quarantine

Actually, I started to love my quarantine! And my kid was actually happy. She didn’t care anymore about going outside. She was with her family! Making memories and having fun! We learned how to make every day special and value our kids’ emotions.

Looking back to when all this started. I can proudly say that we did it as a team! We made many fun projects, we laughed, and we watched movies together. We also had the opportunity to have lunch together, something that in “the real routine” is not always possible.

I decided to focus on what’s really important in life. And this is an important lesson not just for this crisis but in general. We can’t forget what’s really important.