Returning to the Schoolhouse: 5 Mistakes Parents Are Making

Returning to the School House: 5 Mistakes Parents Are Making Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Mom Collective
We want the safest educational experience for our kids!

It’s a really tough time to be a parent. As moms, we have a plethora of emotions running through our heads. Should I send my child back to the schoolhouse? Did I do the right thing by keeping them home? The list can go on and on. No matter what decision you make, feel confident that it is the best choice you could have made for your family. We all live different lives and the best choice may not be the same for every family.

As a teacher going back to work during the pandemic, I have experienced a lot of positive effects from returning back to the brick and mortar setting. My kindergarten students have shown enhanced fine motor skills, better social skills, gratitude for being in school, and improved handwriting. It brings a smile to my face to see children enjoying school so much. However, I would like to discuss some mistakes parents are making when sending their children back to the schoolhouse.

During the past few weeks that I’ve been back at school, I have picked up on some common mistakes that parents wouldn’t even think about. And it’s okay! These are things that during a regular school year we don’t have to worry about. This post is to bring awareness to parents so we can ensure the safest education for our children.

Not Sending Your Child to School With Hand Sanitizer  

Although schools have been provided hand sanitizer, sometimes it runs out and it does not get replenished on time. The best choice is to make sure your child has one hanging from their book bag so they can easily access it before and after lunch and at various times during the day.

Parents Are Not Self Reporting

You may fall into the situation where one of your kids tested positive and your other child has tested negative. You must tell all of your children’s teachers and keep everyone at home until they are clear to come back.

Parents Are Not Bringing All School Supplies Needed

Kindergarten is all about sharing, however, sharing is taking backstage this year. Sometimes we keep a stash of class scissors, pencils, and crayons for those students who are from low-income houses or if parents forget to replenish their child’s supplies. If you do not want your child touching these items, please check your child’s book bag regularly and make sure they have all of their own supplies to avoid having them use class sets. This is a lot more common than you think, especially if your child goes to a Title I school, so speak to your child’s teacher and ask if they need extra pencils and crayons. They will greatly appreciate it!

Replace Masks Daily

I have seen this mistake all too much!!! Keeping a clean mask on is imperative for the well-being of your child! Kids drop their masks, sneeze into their masks, lick their masks… and many other yucky things that you couldn’t even imagine. Make sure you have enough clean masks to last them through the week.

Talk To Your Kids… THEY LISTEN!

Believe it or not, your child is listening to what you tell them. Remind them to wash their hands, use their hand sanitizer, keep their nose covered, not touch others, and to let the teacher know if they don’t feel well. The key is to not give up on repeating yourself. If you speak to them about the consequences their actions will have, they will better understand why we are being that nagging parent. It will stick, trust me!

All in all, the return to the schoolhouse has not been as bad as I feared it would be. But we cannot let our guard down. We need to continue to work together as a community and strive for a safe education for our children. 

What are some things you’re doing to keep your child safe while returning to the schoolhouse?